Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Chicago We Run Social Meet Up

Part One: Road Trip and Expo

After we all ran the 5k on Saturday we knew we wanted to explore the city. The group of six of us decided we were going to find the doughnut place called Doughnut Vault. We read that once they sell out for the day they shut down. When we rolled up, the line was crazy! Alright, these must be legit. 

Guys, they were AWESOME! Worth the 45 minute wait for sure. So if you are in Chicago check them out. We then decided to head down to Navy Pier to eat lunch. On the way we ran into fellow Rock 'n' Blog member Kat! She was going to Navy Pier as well and decided to come hang with us for a little bit. 

My favorite picture I took.

Then we went to meet up with David and Auggie at the We Run Social meet up. I think we secretly knew it would be epic, but I don't think epic is the correct word! 


I met so many people that I follow online! It was so much fun just to chat with everyone and find out a little about each person! I figured I would just share some of my pictures from the meet up, even though you can search the hashtag #WeRunSocial on Instagram and find so many more!

Finally meeting Kim
Another group pic!
Loved getting to meet you Heather!
Thanks for spending the day with us Kat!!
Yay insta friends Jackie and Kristen!
My new bestie, GB!
Of course a jumping bean shot! Thanks Dave!

On behalf of David, Auggie and We Run Social - I want to thank you all so much for taking some time out of your day to come visit with us. I truly had such an incredible time at this meet up. This is exactly what this community is all about. Everyone is welcomed. Take some selfies, make some new friends and talk about where your journey will meet again!

Did you make it to the meet up? What awesome pictures did you get?


  1. This seems like such a cool event. It must be so fun to meet people that you love following online.. all coming together for the fun of running :)

  2. THANK YOU again for helping to host an awesome meetup! It was so nice to get to meet you in person, finally! Looking forward to RnR Philly!

  3. That is an AWESOME jumping shot! Looks like it was a great time...