Monday, July 4, 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon Training: Week Four

After a rough week last week, I can't say I was excited for a tough week of training. If I'm going to get back in to racing shape, I need weeks like this.

Monday I did a core workout that was focused on lateral balance. Holy crap. My hips were KILLING ME! 

Tuesday was a beautiful day. Not every warm or humid. Perfect day for a four mile run with six strides. 

I had to move my Thursday run to Wednesday because of work. I had seven miles with 2.5 miles at 15k pace (7:50). Well, my splits were 7:58 and 7:32. Couldn't quite find that right spot. The second mile felt fast, but I couldn't settle in. It was a little frustrating, but at least I did them. 

Thursday was rest day and it was glorious. My legs were very happy for the break. 

Friday I did a strength workout. I can totally tell my strength building up. My core strength is really feeling great and I feel like I carry myself a little straighter. I also tried to video my headstand to see where it was at, this is what happened. 

Saturday I ran the first leg of the Rock 'n' Roll Virtual Run series. I am running to Make A Band, three separate 5k's through the summer. The first one was looking for a guitar solo. I ran my 5k with negative spilts (8:58 8:23 8:00) and rocked my solo! (Check my Instagram for the actual video). 

I also bought these. I couldn't resist. 

Sunday was my long run. 14 miles with miles 9-10-11 at HMP (8:04 8:00 8:10). It was a little cooler out, which was nice, and I felt really good until the end of my final paced mile. I was done. I had nothing left. My legs felt like jello and I was starving. I was thrilled to be done. It was my longest run since my marathon in January. 

Weekly Total: 28.1 miles
July Total: 17.1 miles

This was my highest mileage week in a very long time. It was a huge confidence booster to run that many miles. Not only to do that many miles, but with so many paced miles. Let's hope this trend continues the next few weeks! 

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