Monday, July 11, 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon Training: Week Five

A little bit of a cut back week this week with a race next weekend. This week was also the return of summer like weather, which in Western PA is a mix of humidity and thunderstorms.

I had to work on Monday (July 4th) so I didn't get to run any races. I did do a core workout in my American Alpha shirt, which made me feel super patriotic. 

Tuesday was suppose to be four miles with a few strides. I decided to do four and a half with the last half mile just as a stride. Man it was hot. There was zero breeze and the sun was bakey. (Is bakey a word?) 

Wednesday was going to be a strength workout but the threat of storms on Thursday made my decision to switch up workouts pretty easy. Kelsey decided to join me out on the track. My usual track is being redone so I had to go to the not as good track. Chunks taken out, no markings and very hard. 
Two mile warm up
200x8 with a 200 recovery (goal 49 seconds)
(42, 46, 44, 42, 42, 43, 44, 47)
Two mile cool down. 
Six miles total. 

Thursday I did my strength workout from Wednesday. We did get some storms which made me feel better about changing up my workout. 

Friday was rest day. Kelsey and I decided to do dinner and a movie. We are at Cheesecake Factory and saw Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. HILARIOUS! 

My new PRO Compression socks came Friday as well! The black neon ones are the sock of RnR Las Vegas so I had to get them! 

Saturday I slept in. It was amazing to sleep until 8am. The only problem was it was hot and humid AF by the time I got of the house at 10am. Played it super smart and took it easy for my three recovery miles. 

For Sunday long run day Carrie met me at the park for 10 miles. Super comfortable conversation pace which was nice. It was a little overcast, but still warm. We decided we need to start running earlier for the next few weeks. We also saw a bunch of police puppies training and it was heart melting! It's always nice to get some miles in with Carrie. Makes everything go by so much quicker. 

Weekly Total: 23.5 miles
July Total: 40.6 miles

I'm feeling really good going in to Chicago next weekend. I have no goals, which is awesome. I just want to enjoy the miles and take in everything Chicago has to offer! 


  1. Ah man I was on the wrong side of the park! Completely missed the police puppies..what a bummer. Have fun in Chi town!

    1. Omg you missed the puppies!!! It was so nice to see you for a hot minute! Glad I could surprise you =)

  2. I ran on Saturday too & OMG it was hot!! The humidity is just such a run killer. Good luck next weekend!!

  3. The weather last week was so gross. I had to take some of my runs to the treadmill. Glad training is going well and look forward to meeting you this weekend!

    1. I can't wait to finally meet! I think this is years in the making!!

  4. Last week, the weather so hot. Good luck next week !!