Monday, July 25, 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon Training: Week Seven

This week was a recovery week. After a faster than normal weekend, my legs were totally begging for a break. I'm really good at listening to my body by now, and I know when to take a little more time off.

Monday was a straight up rest day. It was amazing and so needed. I took a wicked nap and finished up my laundry. 

Tuesday I was completely moved to run virtually with my friends down in Baton Rouge. After everything that has happened down there, the community came together for a three mile run. 

Wednesday I did some core work, but nothing crazy. My legs still felt a little rough. I kinda thought I may have been a little dehydrated since it got super hot. I made an effort to really focus on hydrating the rest of the week. I also started watching the new season of Degrassi on Netflix. It is one of my guilty pleasures. 

Thursday I was suppose to run five miles, but life ended up happening. Hubby's commute is tripling with his new job, so it was time to trade in his car. It was a LONG day, but we did it. We are now Prius people!

Friday was another rest day. We met up with a few of our college friends for dinner and just relaxed. I really took recovery serious this week. 

Saturday I woke up later than I wanted. I ended up running my three miles through my hilly neighborhood. It was 75 degrees at 8am! Let's also add in my newly paved road. Yeah, that was fun. 

Sunday was my long run. I was suppose to do eight miles, but that is a hard distance to do for where I run. Carrie agreed to run 10 with me at 6:30am. Man, it was humid! Not very warm, but just sticky. We ended up picking up Bethany about two miles in. Man those miles flew by. A little faster pace than normal (9:19), which was shocking in the humidity. 

Weekly Total: 16 miles
July Total: 76.3 miles

Real talk folks: last week was hard for me. Reality set in on my race from last week. I know it wasn't a goal race, and I haven't really hit the meat of my training yet, but 1:56 was hard. Like not as easy as it should have been. My "goal" for Philly is a 1:45, which at this point seems completely unrealistic. 

I still use quotes with the word goal because I won't be heartbroken if I don't hit it. I just wanted to focus on something for this fall. I'm not the same runner I was last year, fact. I'm not as motivated. 

I'm learning to listen to my body more and adapt as needed. I need to stay healthy, first and foremost. I also need to have balance. I have that now, and it's pretty great. I'm having fun. I'm finally having fun again. That is all that matters. 

Have you had a running revelation? Did it help? 


  1. Having balance and fun are very important! I'll be running Philly too - good luck with the rest of your training.

    1. Thank you very much! Hope to see you there!

  2. Marathon weeken is nice. Best wishes for your goal.

  3. Just enjoy your recovery week and return for your training when your body is really ready for this

  4. Best wishes for your marathon training in new week. New mile new goal.

  5. This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here. i fell on ice