Monday, August 8, 2016

Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon Recap

Over the weekend a group of us were going to DC for the weekend. While we were there, Kelsey found a half marathon in Annapolis, Maryland. She is on a 50 States Quest, so for $35 I figured I could just run a long run and get a medal. Nathan also decided to join us too.

The Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon also had a 10k option. This race is in honor of a local runner, Ben Moore, who had impacted so many lives in the community. The community now honors him with this race benefiting a bunch of local charities. 

So we traveled Saturday morning to Annapolis. It was a very straight forward event. Pick up packet, use the rest room, line up and go. 

L to R: Nathan, Me, Kelsey

Before I get in to the race, I'm also going to mention how disgusting it is outside. Soupy is the best word to describe it. I knew racing was not happening. This was going to be a long run. 

Nathan and I ran the first two miles together. I knew about two and a half miles in he wouldn't leave me, so I dropped behind him on a narrow point of the race so he wouldn't see me. It worked and I was free to be slow and miserable. 

For the next 11 miles, I did a run/walk. Ran a half mile, walked a minute. The rest of the race. I was having a nice leisurely time. I talked to volunteers, cheered on the leaders, thanked the police officers. I have never encountered nicer people. 

Biggest accomplishment of this entire thing is that I didn't cut back at mile four and stop at the 10k. I powered on. I have no idea why. 

I had a first happen around mile five, I ditched my tank. During my walk break I took off my bib, and pinned it to my sport bra. Which meant that I carried an incredibly sweaty tank more than half of the race, but at least I wasn't wearing it. 

The course was a bunch of our and backs so I could see Nathan and Kelsey at different points. I was running around the same people the whole time. We just were taking it easy and not stressing at all. 

I had a minor second wind around the nine and a half mile marker, but that was incredibly short lived. To prove how slow I was going, I hit mile 10 and noticed the time was my half marathon PR (1:42). Yes friends, I have ran 13.1 miles faster than I ran ten miles that faithful day. 

The final few miles were mostly uphill and in the baking sun. I walked a lot of it. Hey, my long run was 10 miles this week, not 13.1 - at least that's how I considered it at this point. I had a lot of time to think over running in those final three miles. We have had such an up and down relationship this year, and we a just in a down point right now. That's alright, it happens! I also decided I'm running intervals at Virginia Beach. Not roasting and suffering for another 13.1 miles. 

I saw Nathan and the non runners (mine and Kelsey's husbands) close to the finish line. I chucked Joe my tank and empty water bottle (which I filled up three times on the course) and proceeded to finish the race. 

I crossed the line at 2:16. My slowest solo healthy half marathon ever. By a lot. I was fine with it. Really. I was. I finished, I felt fine and got 13.1 miles in. That was the goal. I finished my 16th half marathon. 

I finished 89th out of 194 and 15th out of 32 in my age group. Yes folks, this course was that legit. 

The finish area was stocked with beverages, even Coke, fruit and food. They all stayed and cheered in the finisher. It was great. 

If you are looking for a small, cheap half marathon in the Annapolis area, do this race. The volunteers were just fantastic and the course is legit. You get a medal, which was unexpected, and really test yourself. 

Below is the course map and elevation chart. You don't want to see my mile splits, they weren't good. I'm being honest with you all!

Have you ever participated in a race as a long run? How did you feel when you were done?


  1. Eek soupy is not the way I want to hear a race described! I can definitely relate with the weather though..not my favorite. Way to enjoy the race though and not cut it short! That's definitely something to be proud of :)

  2. That's the way to run a race on a soupy day! I'll be doing 2 HMs for my long run this training cycle.