Monday, August 1, 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon Training: Week Eight

When I realized this was the first of my tougher training weeks, I didn't feel ready. I am aware my foot injury had been "healed" since March, but I was still afraid to up my mileage. Really afraid. I knew I had to get over it, and that's what this week became all about.

Monday was my rest day and I wanted to make it count. Came home from work and took a wicked nap with Dangle. It was pretty awesome. 

Isn't she cute!

Tuesday was a five mile run. This just so happened to be an incredibly hot day. Not as humid though, so I went straight after work at 2pm. I also did a 4:1 run/walk just in case the hot got to be too much. It really wasn't that bad and I managed negative splits!

Wednesday I should have done some sort of cross training, but I didn't. Hubs and I had our date night for the week. We had a really fun time together just doing some running around.

Thursday was the third day of a string of horrible days at work. I came home and had every intention on getting out and doing my track workout. Instead, I fell asleep for two hours and ran a mile and a half of hills. Do I regret it, nope!

I knew I would be making up my speed workout on Friday. The track was not an option so I did it down by the river. Only problem with this: families, construction, bikes and geese. It's alright, I still got the workout in!

Three mile warmup
200 X 8 (49-50 sec goal) 200 recovery
55, 53, 51, 52, 49, 49, 48, 48
Three mile cool down
Eight miles total. 

This was the longest mid-week workout I have done in awhile. It felt kinda nice!

Saturday we woke up to a thunderstorm so I decided to make some coffee and relax. 

I ran another mile and a half of neighborhood hills once everything cleared up. Man did it get humid. I didn't think it was possible for it to be any worse!

Sunday was the workout I was absolutely dreading. It was suppose to be 12 miles with six at HMP. So, I got out to the park and started my first five mile loop. By mile three I was done. I couldn't breathe and was just sweating. I haven't even started my paced miles. Why am I so concerned? I'm not suppose to be hyperfocused this year. 

So I stopped at five miles. When I looked at my watch I noticed I was three miles away from 100 for July. My first 100 mile month this year. 

What did I do? I ran three miles at home to hit the milestone. Eight miles, mostly run/walk. You know what, I'm fine with it. I usually have one terrible long run every training cycle - well, this is my second. That's okay. 

Weekly Total: 24 miles
July Total: 100 miles

I made it. 100 miles in July. That's 30 more than last month. 30 more! It's a little scary to have that much of an increase in a months span, but I feel really good! Plus, this is my third straight July with at least 100 miles! 

I have two weeks until my actually peak week of this training. I know I will have to mentally prepare a little better the next time around. Live and learn I guess. 

How was your week? What day did you have to tap out? 


  1. Congrats on running 100 miles in July!

  2. Great job Steff! I'm kind of mad/happy that I didn't look at my mileage before going on my run...I ended up at 98 miles for the month :( I almost ran an extra 2 miles after my 10 yesterday but I just didn't care enough. I'm sure I'll hit 100 in August!

    1. Oh man! I would have went out and done two more lol. It was nice to see you during the suffer fest!

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  4. Great job with getting it done in the crazy heat & humidity! My coach says to not feel guilty at all about slowing down or cutting your run short in this humidity & heat. She said when the weather is us this bad, it's about just doing what you can. Also, FWIW, my plan/method believes that increasing easy mileage doesn't lead to injury, that doing too much of the hard workouts does (and I do believe there's something to that because I've done high mileage without getting injured).

    1. Thanks for that Jennifer! I'm just afraid of doing too much and having to shut it down again.

  5. I ran Saturday morning and the rain was so welcomed, because it made it a little cooler & the humidity a bit more bearable.

    I ran again on Sunday, but not until almost 1030 & there was not a dry big left on my shirt.

    No idea what kind of mileage I'm running right now. I would guess 30-40 a month right now? And to be honest, I'm not sure if I've ever hit 100, maybe a few times in marathon training? So, good for you!

    1. Thanks Jesse! I averaged a little over 100 miles a month last year. After the injury I'm taking my time building back up!

  6. Congratulation! I'm glad you passed your fear to achieve your goal, and increasing 30 miles from June to July was excellent. I think for the safety you should be careful and don't be so hurried.

  7. I used to run a lot about a 10 years ago.

    These days, I hike. Also demanding, but more doable than running IMO.

    I still remember how demanding it is to run an x amount of miles in a month. The most I ever did was 50. And that was hard enough as it is.

    But here you go, increasing your miles per month by 30 all the way up to 100.

    There's always a bigger fish!

    Congratulations on your success.