Monday, August 29, 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon Training: Week 13

After my return from the funk last week, I knew I had to tone it back this week. I'm doing a half marathon next weekend and I worried about upping my mileage too quickly.

I was dealing with some allergy issues all week, so I took Monday and Tuesday to relax and try to take the edge off. Monday was pretty rough, and I worked all day too. It was a really long two days. 

Wednesday I ran five miles with Kelsey. I love running with Kelsey because we can get move involved in conversations than a text message can. Plus, it didn't rain which made me happy. 

Thursday was a planned rest day so I wouldn't be running three days in a row. This ended up working out great because I had an insane day at work and really just wanted to go home and snuggle Dangle. 

I had some time between jobs on Friday and took advantage of the decent weather. By decent I mean not crazy humid. I ran five miles and really just enjoyed myself. It was great. I'm really hoping this is how fall will be. 

Saturday I did an easy mile and a half through my neighborhood. Just to shake out the leg. It wasn't as warm, which was nice. My good running continued from the day before. 

Sunday was rough. My allergies came back pretty bad Saturday. I woke up Sunday and couldn't breathe out of my nose. Let's also mention the humidity was out of control. I have never bailed on Carrie before, but today was the day. After five miles I tapped out. I had nothing  left. Between not being able to breathe out of my nose and the weather, it was too much. At least I got five miles in. Better than nothing!

Weekly Total: 16.5 miles
August Total: 57.9 miles

Next weekend is Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach. I'm really excited for a fun weekend, not so excited for the weather. Here's hoping it's not as warm as projected. If it is, I'll run/walk and treat it as a long run. I'm not concerned. I'm so ready to explore a new place with some awesome people. 

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