Wednesday, August 3, 2016

When In Doubt, Plank It Out!

Doesn't everyone troll Pinterest when they are bored? Well, mine lead to a month long plank challenge with my friend Jaimee. The challenge would start with a 20 second plank and ended with a five minute plank. Yes folks, five minutes.

We would do our planks and send the screen shot of the time to each other. The plan didn't have us plank everyday, thank goodness, and built us up through the month. 

First seven planks, not so bad! I can average about a minute and a half plank normally, so this was nice. 

Then the building started. 

I had to say, I was scared to try a two minute plank. I actually did my first one in the hotel room in Chicago before RnR Chicago. Man, my hands were sweating, my arms were shaking and I was pumped! I did it!

And then, I did a three minute plank! 

Now, that 3:50 plank was when I had to change things up. Jaimee had done a minute regular plank then added in side planks. Perfect! That way it is still the time, but working different muscles. This is how I approached the rest of the challenge. 

After my final plank, I texted Jaimee and said I would never do this again. Truth still, never. 

Did I notice a difference from doing this challenge? I guess. My form is better and I think the mindset that I can actually do a three minute plank is crazy! It also has showed me that I can work a minute or so into my day and do a plank. It's not much, but makes a huge difference. 

I want to thank Jaimee for doing this with me. Having someone to keep you accountable really helps. I probably would have stopped at the 1:30 plank since it was in my comfort zone. Knowing that she was suffering as well kept me going. 

Have you ever done a plank challenge? How long can you hold a plank?

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