Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wisdom From The Running Store: Part Six

It's time for the August edition of Wisdom From The Running Store. If you are new to this series, let me fill you in. Each month I take one of your questions that you might not feel comfortable asking someone at your local running store and answer it here. If you have any question you want answered, you can email me or tweet me!

This months question come from Lindsay. 

"I'm coming back from injury and I know I'm suppose to take it slow coming back but it's really hard. Any advice for starting back training after injury?"

Great question! I want to start this with I am not a running coach, but I get the question asked so much at the store. I can only give advice from what worked for me in the past. 

The biggest thing I did was start using intervals. I did a lot of research while I was injured and a lot of people used interval training to build back up mileage slowly and safely. 

I found that a 4:1 interval worked best for me. My body loves the break in that one minute. I feel great overall. I felt so great I have added it into my usual training routine for easy days. Here is where I found which interval would work best for me.

Something else I also did was make sure I took an extra day off. Instead of running four to five days a week I would run two or three. Then on that extra rest day I would focus on recovery. Maybe an ice bath or adding in so extra stretching. Something so little can add so much. 

The final thing I did when coming back was make sure I started in a fresh pair of shoes. After an injury the best thing you can do is start fresh. Having a fresh pair of shoes will help you move forward in recovery. If your injury came from wearing the wrong shoes and you go back in them, you will end up right back to where you were. 

Thank you Lindsay for the great question! If you are coming back from injury please listen to your medical professional first and foremost. Hopefully these tips can help ease back into training! 

Remember, if you have any questions you would like answered, just email me or tweet me! I would love to help out!

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