Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Adulting in Disney Giveaway!

We all know how much I love Disney World. It's probably my most favorite place on earth. Joe and I got engaged there, I ran the Goofy Challenge to prove how strong of a person I am and above all I never have a bad experience. I am a super cheap person and if I am going to spend the money on a vacation, it better be worth it. Disney always is.

My good friend Lauren also as a crazy Disney love. So much so she has created probably one of the greatest services ever. It's called Adulting in Disney. Here's some more information from Lauren herself to help you see what I mean!

What is it?

L: Adulting in Disney is a concierge-level planning service for your next adult Walt Disney World Vacation. I create unique, fully customized vacation itineraries based on multiple visits, exhaustive research and insider tips from my network of Walt Disney World lovers.

Basically that’s PR girl talk for I’m an adult that LOVES WDW and truly believes it’s the perfect vacation spot for adults. I want to proselytize for others—everyone deserves an amazing adulting trip to Disney.

Why am I doing this?

L: In the last year I’ve been empowered to start doing things with my time that fill me up rather than grind me down. After I co-founded a PR firm I found myself still obsessively dreaming of planning my Walt Disney World vacations. I follow all the blogs, Twitter accounts and might have a few dream boards on Pinterest. Since no one has put me on their mid-to back of pack elite running team, I figured I should really live by the moto “get paid for what you love doing – and that’s usually what you do in your free time.” Why not make my other hobby – Disney vacation planning – a service for other people?

Why should people use an Adulting in Disney itinerary?

L: I’ve been to Disney World over 20 times. The first time I went was a disaster. All I had was a map and the understanding that I needed to ride all the “Mountains” in the MK. We ate nothing but chicken fingers and French fries and I was surrounded by families and strollers. While it was fun, I knew there was more (I saw it zipping by on the monorails!) that MB and I loved to do that would have that special Disney Magic. With each trip I did more research, reading, reaching out to other people and my itineraries were more detailed and had more adult-friendly (read: nice dinners, amazing cocktail lounges, Extra Magical hours in the PM at MK!) which in turn made our vacation even more magical. An Adulting in Disney itinerary takes it one step further – finding and planning adult-specific activities for people who DON’T want to spend weeks and months researching and planning from scratch. I’ve done almost all of it. And if I haven’t done it, I’ve read about it and desperately want to.

Is it really worth the cost to have someone else make a spread sheet?

L: Objectively, yes. An Adulting in Disney itinerary is going to save you time and money. First, those of us that visit often know the pitfalls of making loose plans, the horror of not knowing about Advanced Dining reservations, or making plans that are unrealistic given the time constraints around a number of things like Fast Passes, park hours, shows and worst of all Disney transportation. AiD takes all the guess work out of where, when and how you’re going to get to your next cool activity. And it saves money because let’s be real, your time is valuable. You can spend hours sketching out your vacation, not really knowing if you’re making the right choice – or you can let me do it and you can focus your time on other important things, like finding the perfect Mickey t-shirt.

How does the process work to make an AiD itinerary?

L: You can submit a form on my website with the basics and then there are two options: Vacationers can be as involved or hands-off as they want. I’m happy to let my imagination run wild with possibilities for you. Or I’m happy to review lengthy must-do lists and help narrow down the possibilities – and add a few must-dos you might not have known about.

Okay friends, now that you know more, here's what I got for you. First off, I am linking up with my girl Sarah to do a joint giveaway for a free 7-day Adulting in Disney itinerary. Seriously! All you have to do is enter the giveaway below. The giveaway start now (9/14/16) and will end Wednesday (9/21/2016) at midnight eastern. Winner will be chosen at random.

If you don't win but still want to take advantage of this awesome service, just tell Lauren you heard about AiD from me or Sarah and you will receive 50% off! It's a win-win situation!

So enter! What do you have to lose? Make sure you stop by Adulting in Disney and check out everything Lauren has to offer. It's the perfect vacation with zero work!

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