Friday, September 30, 2016

Five Things Friday - Cal U vs Slippery Rock Edition

I haven't done a Five Things Friday post in awhile! I haven't really been able to find a topic that I can talk about. Running is coming back, slowly and I feel like I need to get in the groove of this before I can truly talk about it. So, why not talk about a fun thing that I'm doing this weekend.

First, back story.

I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Communications from California University of Pa. Cal U is an NCAA Division II University about an hour south of Pittsburgh. While I was at Cal U our football team was really good. Along with the women's basketball team (which I worked with) and a few other sports. From my connections I made while working for CUTV (California University Television) I gained an internship with the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) which all of the PA State Schools participate in.

From my internship I was offered a graduate assistantship at Slippery Rock University, another D2 school an hour north of Pittsburgh. I earned my Masters Degree in Sport Management from Slippery Rock in just under a year while busting my butt working in the sports information department.

Okay, so since Cal U and Slippery Rock are in the same conference, they always play each other. I try once a year to go to either the football or basketball games between the two schools, since I can't lose! This weekend is the football meetup down at Cal U. I haven't been to Cal U for a football game in years and I am really excited!

So, for this weeks Five Things Friday, I wanted to share with you five pictures and stories from past Cal U or Slippery Rock games!

1. My final year at Cal U the Vulcans made their second consecutive appearance in the D2 Football National Semifinals. Some how, we convinced the University that they should give us money to make signs for the student sections, since the game would be on national tv. Well, an entire night of "making signs" led to one singular picture from the game, because I made it one scoring drive for the other team and had to go home. This is me and my friend Jaimee, and Cal U lost horribly.

2. While I was at Slippery Rock I made the trip to Cal U for the basketball double header that year. Well, my former TV station thought it would be fun to keep a watch on how I was feeling being on the losing side for once. It was a terrible game, but this video always makes me smile.

3. One of the coolest things I got to do while at Slippery Rock was announce a preseason men's basketball game against Pitt. I never wanted to announce while I was in grad school, since I had already done that, but I couldn't turn down the opportunity. The game was horrible but the crowd was awesome and it was just cool to be there.

4. In 2011, while going to Slippery Rock to spectate the rivalry game, I got asked to announce the women's game. With zero game prep and knowledge of half of the players, I jumped right in for one final game with my friend Andy. It was a white-out game and we had to have these shirts. I still have this shirt.

5. During the rivalry football game while I was in school at Slippery Rock, my one friend caught this picture. I was working in the press box, and they can spot me from anywhere. It was a super long a busy day, but this put such a smile on my face. 

Oh memories. Such a fun trip down memory lane. I have so many memories from both of these schools. I am really excited to see friends and not have to worry about which team to cheer for!

I am linking up with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia for this weeks Five Things Friday.

What is your favorite college sport memory? 


  1. Oh gosh, I love college sports. It was so important to me to have a good football team that a lot of my decision was based on that! Sports totally unite a campus - whether you're into it or not! It just makes everyone so spirited!

  2. Oh how fun you got to announce a few games. I am not a big sports fan but when I am at an actual game rather than watching it on TV, that is fun and exciting!

  3. I had no idea of your background in athletics, very cool! Collegiate sports rivalries are always a lot of fun! I went to University of Pennsylvania so our rivals are Princeton, LOL! I can't wait for basketball season to start up!

  4. This looks like you had an awesome time being able to do all of these things :-)

  5. This was such a fun post to read! How great you have these memories. I'll be starting Cal U next FL & I'm really excited! :)

  6. Fun! I played basketball my freshman year of college and have a TON of fun memories from that.