Friday, September 9, 2016

It's A Safety Dance

We have all seen it. Runners being attacked while running. It's scary, but we cannot let it overtake our lives. While I have never felt threatened out running, you can never be too safe. I have started adding some safety pieces to my running bag.

Since you can never be too safe on a run there are a few things I have started to carry with me. 

1. First being this First Alert personal safety pod. I saw this go on clearance at Lowes and bought all of them for my friends. It is a flashlight and a high pitched alarm. It fits in the palm of your hand or right in my water bottle pouch. It also has a strap that you can take in your purse. Super simple to have for that added security. 

2. The next item is the Edge flashlight. This flashlight can also be used as a weapon. 

The end is sharp. Not like handle it and cut your finger off sharp but get in my way and I will knife you sharp. Again, hopefully something you will never need but very nice to have. 

3. Recently I got a reflective vest and I love it. While I don't get to run in the mornings a lot, when I do I freak out about being seen. 

My vest is from Govivo! It's super lightweight, so much so I don't even know I'm wearing it. It's nice that I can leave it in my car and not worry second guessing myself if it's too dark or light. Since it's really light I don't usually question wearing it. It goes on and I have that added safety factor. 

4. Along with my Govivo! vest, I often times will wear my Sparkly Soul reflective headband. I mean, I'm going to be wearing a headband anyway, why not have some bonus reflection in there. 

5. Finally, I always wear my RoadID. I was gifted a RoadID by a friend when I first started long distance running alone. I honestly think it was the sweetest gift I have ever received. My RoadID has my name and hometown on it with my husband and moms contact information on it. Since I don't usually run with my cell phone, this is extremely helpful if something would happen. I never run without it. 

There are some rules I always follow too:  

Never post on social media where exactly you are running. You never know who has been following you. Also, let someone know when you are starting and when you are done. I always text my husband where I am going as well. 

Okay, easy things to remember. If you are in Pittsburgh and want me to be your safety contact please let me know. I would much rather be there for you than no one at all! 

Hopefully these tips can make you feel a little safer while out pounding the pavement. Remember, you can never be too safe. These are just little changes you can make to your daily routine to add that peace of mind during your run. 

Disclaimer: I was provided the Govivo! reflective vest to review but all opinions are my own. 


  1. These are some really great tips - I especially like the First Alert personal safety pod (I'm going to look this up online). I have mace but it's just too big to run with.

    1. I might have an extra one! If I do I'll bring it to philly!

  2. I'll have to look for that safety pod..never heard of it before! I also have a reflective vest and it helps me feel much safer. I also run with pepper spray if I'm going on trails or a not so popular area. It definitely makes Dan feel better!

    1. I don't have pepper spray because I'm afraid if I had to use it I would hit myself lol

  3. I'm still struggling with to what extent of safety I'm aiming for... I guess it just makes me mad that I even have to protect myself in the first place, you know? however I have been telling my husband what I'm wearing, where I'm going and approx how long I'll be away. I always do a vest anyway, except in the summer - in northern Europe it just gets dark very early and is very dark in the mornings. I don't think I'll go so far as to carry a weapon, but I don't blame those who feel they have to.

    1. I totally agree with this! If I have something little that I can keep in my water bottle, I just feel content. That's why I really like that pod!