Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia 5k Recap

Let me start off this recap by saying, I had the best time this entire weekend. I traveled to Philly alone, but stayed with Kat. Through conversations we discovered that Dani (and Tori) and Briana (and Ezra) were also staying at our hotel! So, we had built in friends. We had so much fun the entire weekend and I am incredibly grateful for the whole experience. Thanks guys!

L-R: Dani, Ezra, Briana, Kat and me.

Okay, so Saturday morning the gang headed over to the start of the 5k. I had planned on running this race with a friend of mine from high school who is getting married next weekend. I could not find her! I felt super bad, but lucky for me as I looked around the corral I saw GB! He wasn't allowed to race this, so I told him we could run together.

As we started GB and I were just chatting. Nothing crazy. We haven't seen each other since Chicago so it was nice to catch up. He was doing his Garmin shoot that morning so he was a little tired. There was an awesome band during the first mile too! The course is an out and back, so we were kinda waiting for the leader (not kidding).

Mile 1: 8:28

A little after we hit the mile marker we saw the leader coming down the other side of the street. We started cheering. This theme stayed for the rest of the race. Along with the elites, I also saw PRO ambassador Ashley kicking it! I was so excited and screamed really loud for her. We saw Phil too and had a nice yell for our fellow Rock 'n' Blogger kickin it!

The turnaround came and we turned RIGHT INTO THE SUN! Guys, it was blinding. I was so excited for the turnaround and to see my friends. We saw them all and I cheered my heart out! I was just having a great time.

Mile 2: 8:26

As we are getting closer to the end this beautiful view of Philadelphia starts peaking through. GB told me this was actually the same finish as the half so we would see it again. Since I have not ran in Philly since 2012, it was really neat to see the beautiful view. As we got closer to the finish line I started to realize something, we needed to go uphill! Oh man! Thankfully there was an awesome bagpipe band KILLING IT right before the hill.

Mile 3: 8:37

As we made our way to the finish line there was a Rock 'n' Roll camera man following us in! It was so much fun! Little did I also know that Michelle was taking our picture! We crossed the finish line and just gave each other a huge hug.

Photo courtesy of NYCRunningMama

Photo courtesy of NYCRunningMama

Thank you Kristen for sending me this!

Finish Time: 26:44

Thanks again GB!

It was a blast. GB made it so easy and I'm pretty sure we smiled the entire way! GB had to cut out quick but I found Phil (he was the RnR Snapchat takeover for the weekend) and we made our way to the finish line to cheer everyone else on.

Phil, Kat and I at the finish!

I have said this before, but Rock 'n' Roll puts on some awesome 5k races. The shirts are cool and the medals are always great. This was no exception. I loved the course, the entertainment and the volunteers. Everything. This entire race was awesome.

Below is the course map and elevation chart.

Disclaimer: I was provided entry to this race as part of the Rock 'n' Blog program. All thoughts and opinions are my own.