Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Here I Go Again On My Own

I am having a hard time believing September is over. It was such a long/busy/hectic/exciting month. I am happy to report that my foot is doing much better and I've been enjoying getting back to normal. I feel like I wasted so much of the weather I enjoy training in. Soon the snow will be here and I will be super upset.

Two months from today I will start my 12-week training program for the Disney Princess half marathon. TWO MONTHS! It seems like just yesterday that we talked about this trip, and over the weekend I did some research on training plans.

For the past year I worked with a coach. I loved it, I really did. This time, I decided to go at it alone. It was a super hard decision. The biggest reason why I am going at it alone is I want to see how accountable I can keep myself. After a year of running for fun, I wonder how I will handle running for a goal.

With my history of stress fractures, I know I cannot jump straight in to a training plan that involves speed workouts. I need to start working speed back into my training slowly. So, on Tuesday I did something really scary. I ran a mile with a goal time on 7:40. It wasn't on the track, or even flat (there was 124 feet of elevation gain). I wanted to do this to prove two things: that I could and that I was in fact healthy.

In fact, I ran a 7:25. You know what, it felt great. It was humbling. The biggest thing, nothing hurt. At all. Not even a bit. A ton of weight was lifted off my shoulders. There was nothing to be scared of at this point.

I know I can't rush this. I have two months before I will be doing weekly speed workouts. I'm hoping that just adding a little bit can help build the base. I'm going at it alone, because I need to. I need to make myself proud. I need to figure things out on my own. No one is going to run this race for me.

For now, it's two more half marathons and then some extended rest before December 5. Then, back to business.

Do you work with a coach or go at it alone? Do you have opinions either way?


  1. Good luck Steff! I've always worked alone, well, but with Pro Bike + Run's coaches. but nothing official. Wish you the best!!

    1. Thanks Ciara! It will be a fun and exciting journey for sure!

  2. Great job on that mile! I've never used a coach but I think I might try it out sometime :)

    1. It's a much different experience. I totally recommend trying it at least once.