Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Out and About in St. Louis

If you have ever met my husband you know he is a huge trip planner. We know what we're doing and when at all times. This trip was a little different. We have both been so busy that all we had planned was when we were flying in and out, the hotel and the races. That's it. 

After we landed in St. Louis at 9am, we took the MetroLink to the hotel. Little did we know there was a stop right next to our hotel. Literally! We were staying at The Westin right next to Busch Stadium. We knew we were early but tried to check in early. Lucky for us they actually had a room ready for us! Seriously best hotel ever. The room may have been bigger than our first apartment!

We did a quick search for food, found a place called Sliced Pint. It was right by the convention center so we got a feel of where we were going. On our way to the restaurant we found a local brewery that didn't open until 3 so we made a mental note to head back. We made it to Sliced Pint and we loved it! A really cool building and great food. If you are in St. Louis make sure you check it out. 

From there we went to the Scottrade Center to check out the team store. We had tickets to the Blues game Saturday night but wanted to check out the walk and the store before hand. 

From there we went to the Gateway Arch! Now, Joe is not the best with heights, and I have a fear of falling, but we put on a brave face and needed to do this. So glad we did! 

From there is was time to go to the expo! This was straight forward for us because we traveled only with backpacks. Couldn't bring anything extra back with us at all! 

We then checked out Alpha Brewing Company, which was the brewery we walked passed earlier. They had a variety of sour beers, which are my favorite. It was really good and a super cool place!

We went back to the hotel to power nap since we had a long day. Joe found a restaurant across the street from the hotel called Cardinal's Nation. We decided to eat a small dinner there since we really weren't hungry but needed to eat. Another great find! 

On Saturday after the 5k (recap coming soon) we went back to the room to clean up and figure out a plan. Everyone told us about the zoo so we figured out a way to get there (thanks Metrolink!). Guys, the St. Louis zoo is free and incredible! It was so clean and well put together. We had just a wonderful time. 

Once we got back we had to start getting ready for the Blues game. We wanted to eat before hand since arena food could be sketchy before a race. We ended up at Flying Saucer which was another super cool building with amazing food. We really did awesome picking out food the whole weekend. 

The Blues game was everything we hoped it would be. The Blues beat the Rangers (yay)! We saw some interesting quirky things the fans do, and really just had a fun time. 

After the half on Sunday (recap coming soon) we had to check out and find somewhere to eat. We found Bailey's Range, and ice cream and burgers place. I had some really good mac and cheese and the nice waitress kept the cola flowing! They also had homemade ice cream that I wish I could have had, but my stomach was a wreck after the race and I had to pass.

Yes, we did a lot in St. Louis, but we really don't know if or when we will get back. We got really lucky with an easy to use metro system and tons of stuff we could do on foot. It's a super easy long weekend destination and relatively inexpensive! 

Make sure you stay tuned the next few days for my race recaps!


  1. My husband (and now me by marriage) are HUGE cardinals fans!!! I've been to STL once and it was so fun! We went to a game, walked the city, went up in the arch...ate some great food (of course!) can't wait to hear more about the race!

    1. Such a fun city! We really hoped baseball would be going on to experience everything but it was still cool.

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I've never been, but it's on my list. Looking forward to the recaps!

    1. It's super easy to get to from Pittsburgh. You must visit!