Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis 5k Recap

After a fun day of exploring St. Louis, it was time for the first race of the weekend. I have kept my goals for this weekend a little quiet because I wanted to attempt something scary. I wanted to try to age group the 5k. 

For those who aren't sure what I'm talking about, the top three finishers in each age group usually win an age group award. Rock 'n' Roll doesn't do age group awards for their 5k's but I still wanted to give it a shot. I looked up the results from the year before and it looked reasonable. 

I knew the course was tough, there was no doubt about it, but what better time to push yourself out of your comfort zone? If I fail, oh well. At least I tried. 

Flat Steff was ready!

I loved seeing the Gateway Arch so much!

Before the race I met up with a few friends at the We Run Social meet up. This is the first time I really said my goal out loud. I've talked to people just in conversation but now it's out there. Kristen said she would pace me since she was racing the half the next day. We decided we wouldn't run together but close enough to each other to just have a presence.

The Crew!

We are in the starting corral and I noticed this tiny little girl standing in front of us. The back of her shirt said "Speedy". I turned to Kristen and said "we are going to lose to her". We giggled but knew it was true. We also saw barefoot Elvis. Fun times in corral 1. 

Okay, race time! I wanted to stay around a 7:40ish pace. The start was a slight downhill which was nice. I knew there was a pretty decent uphill coming quickly. Kristen left me quickly out of the downhill, which was fine. My stomach was already not having this race a half mile in. Just sloshing like crazy, but I made it up that hill like a champ!

Joe caught Kristen and I!

Mile 1: 7:44

Out of the hill there was a flat patch and instantly my entire right side of my torso cramped up. I haven't cramped like that in a long time. I'm so glad I made the decision to carry my water bottle and emergency chews. Yes, I'm that person who had to take a chew during a 5k. Luckily out of the flat there was a downhill so I could try to shake the cramp. 

Not so lucky for me that we went RIGHT BACK UP THE HILL WE JUST WENT DOWN! Not to mention we ran pass Pappy's Smokehouse at the turn around. I don't even eat BBQ, but the smell of food just turned my stomach. It just wasn't good.

Mile 2: 8:33

After the up we went right back down. I found a happy enough pace that I could breathe fully. The cramp had started to loosen but my stomach was still up in my ribs. I had a lady pass me complimenting my outfit, which was fun.

During the final up hill I wanted to give it all I could. I pushed myself up that hill, but had nothing left for the finish. Nothing. 

Mile 3: 8:21

Straight away to the finish line seemed forever away. I'm getting passed left and right, but by men so I'm still great.

Finish time: 25:37

I saw Kristen at the end and she said "Speedy" did end up beating her, but she finished as the fourth overall female! "Speedy" finished third overall female at a cool 11 years old. You go girl!

It took a few hours for the official results to come out. I had Kelsey stalking the website since we were going out exploring. I was shocked when they were released. 

I ACTUALLY DID IT! I placed third in my age group! If the weekend ended right there I would have been thrilled. It's been such a rough year for me, racing wise, that this made it all worth it. 

Despite my side cramp, I really liked this race. It was small, but the course was challenging which was a nice change of pace. The medal and shirt were great and just spending the extra time with Kristen and the other ladies made it so much fun.

Below is the course map and elevation chart!

Disclaimer: I was provided entry into this race as part of the Rock 'n' Blog program. All thoughts are my own.


  1. Love that medal & shirt! And you look amazing! Congrats on placing!

  2. Congrats! The pics make me feel like I was there. Wait! I was!!! It was great to meet you even if it was only for a few minutes! (I perpetually run late)

  3. Congrats on your race, that's pretty awesome! Sucks when your body doesn't get the memo, but you fought through it :)

    1. Thanks Susan! Just gotta roll with the punches.

  4. So awesome! I do wish that RnR gave out age group awards for the 5K.

    1. Me too Kim! Still a memory I will keep for sure!