Monday, October 31, 2016

The Week That Was: 10/24 - 10/30

This week was rough. Work was long and I had to travel. I knew it would be hard to be active this week, and it was. You know what, it's alright. Life happens and it's all how you adjust to the challenge. This is also a huge reason why I'm excited I haven't started a training plan yet.

Monday I did my first strength workout of the week. It was a really long day of work and it felt so good to be able to take a few minutes to myself and have control over something.

Tuesday was my super long day at work. I'm going to say it was close to 15 hours. I came home and passed out.

Wednesday was another long day but I was so happy to do another strength workout. It only takes a few minutes and it just makes a world of difference.

Thursday I was so excited that my bike trainer came!! Hubs was nice enough to set it up for me and I had to take it for a spin. It was an easy ten minutes, but it was better than nothing!

Friday after work I had to drive off to Eastern Pa. I had some bridesmaid duties to attend to for my best friend's wedding. My mom and I ended up babysitting my nephew and man that was exhausting! He's cute but a lot!

Saturday after my bridesmaid duties, I needed to run. I was exhausted but needed it. The weather was perfect and it was everything. I ran six miles on my favorite trail. Just me and a few people riding bikes. Literally was everything.

I had planned to run on Sunday but when I woke up at 7am I just decided to get on the road. I really just wanted to get home. I missed my husband and cat and I really have so much to do around the house.

Weekly Total: 6 miles
October Total: 64 miles

We are a week and a half out from our Las Vegas trip! I hope to get some normalcy in this coming week. We will see!


  1. Sorry you had such a crazy busy week. I hope you have a better one going into Vegas.