Friday, November 4, 2016

Five Things Friday - 11.4

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been a long one but it's mainly been playing catch up from last week. I've been getting back in my routine but it's taken some time. I've also been getting back into my blogging rhythm and it's been great! I love sharing with all of you!

I'm gonna talk about my five fitness goals for November. It's a transitional month for me, but I'm hoping for good things!

1. Cross train twice a week. Whether it be strength training, biking or swimming I want to do this twice a week. So far so good, and I actually enjoy the challenge!

2. At least 75 miles running. November is suppose to be a cutback month leading up to training for Princess starting December 5. I will be running four days a week and one day a week of "speed" work. It might be on the track or a tempo run, but I need to get back to it if I want to race Princess.

3. Swimming. Yes, I said it in number one. I plan to start swimming once we get back from Las Vegas. I got all my supplies and the open swim hours. Just time to do it!

4. More rolling. I have be neglecting my rolling and my IT Band has been reminding me. I have been making sure when I finish my cross training I roll. It's an easy routine to remember, just need to continue to execute.

5. Listen to my body. All of these goals are great, but above all I'm listening to my body. If something seems off, I will pull the plug. I have my sights set on a really great race at Princess and I can't get too focused. If something is off, I will shut it down.

Have a great weekend everyone. Good luck if you are racing. I will be cheering with the Oiselle girls for the Pittsburgh EQT 10 miler around mile 5! Say hello if you see me!

What is a November fitness goal you have? Anything scary or backing off this month?


  1. October was a month of nothing but sickness for me. My main goal for November is to get back into feeling normal again - health and workout wise!

  2. Mine is to incorporate more yoga!

    Found you off the SPA fb group!