Monday, November 21, 2016

Gifts For Runners - $60 and Under

Let’s face it, runners can be quite difficult to shop for. We know it, and we are sorry. Luckily for you I have some solutions! Over the next two weeks I will break down some of my best gift ideas for runners for any price point. 

Today, I’m going for the $60 and under options. These are the best gifts for Secret Santa, maybe a work friend or just to show someone you really care about them. Here are a few options for you!

1. Run Ink Marathon Map – Your favorite runner just CRUSHED a PR race, or maybe ran their first 26.2 miles, trust me, IT'S A BIG DEAL! I love that Jennifer at Run Ink makes these awesome marathon maps. I can proudly display my marathon PR in a beautiful print. Plus, she also does custom prints and ones for half marathons. You can use promo code STEFF15 for 15% off your order from 11/21-11/27. I want to see pictures!

2. Momentum Motivation Wrap –  Who doesn't love a little pick me up now and then? Momentum Jewelry makes the coolest pieces for everyone. You can pick from a number of sayings, or create your own. The wraps are super simple to put on and are so useful! I used mine as a sweat band during a race once! You can also get footnotes for your shoes. It's a great stocking stuffer for not only a runner, but anyone who can use a smile. Use promo code runsteffrun15 for 15% off through 12/31.

3. PRO Compression Socks – PRO Compression socks have saved my running this year. Truth. Between the marathon socks and sleeves, they have helped my legs in more ways than I can count. Mostly, when I was dealing with some strange swelling on my foot. The compression was perfect and helped to hold everything together. If your favorite runner loves these fun socks, make sure you pick up the ugly sweater sock coming out 12/1! Use promo code GIFT16 for 40% off and free shipping! DO NOT WAIT! These sold out in HOURS last year!

4. Sparkly Soul Headbands – I have been talking about Sparkly Soul headbands since I started blogging, and for good reason. These are the best fitness and lifestyle headbands on the market. 360 degrees of sparkle with no piece of black elastic on the back. Sparkle not your thing, they also come in satin! I love collecting my Sparkly Soul headbands from the races I do. My favorite is from Flying Pig with cute little pigs! Oh, and the bows. The bows are a must! I wear a Sparkly Soul headband everyday. Literally, EVERYDAY! You have to try them to believe it!

5. Oiselle Rogas – If the female runner in your life has never tried a pair of Rogas, you need to be the one to change that. Rogas are the best running shorts I have ever worn. The material is super light weight and the waistband has changed my life. Oiselle offers tons of colors and lengths but I recommend the regular ones to start with and just the basic black. Trust me, she will love you forever for introducing them to her! 

Literally the only shorts I wear

6. Road ID - I always say that the greatest running gift I have received was my Road ID. It is
a simple piece that can go a long way. I don't usually run with a phone so if something would
happen (knock on wood) someone could contact my husband for me and get me help. There
are a few options for Road ID, but the easiest thing you can do is get a gift card so your
favorite runner can personalize their own.

7. Sparkle Athletic Skirt – If your favorite runner loves to brighten up their run, make sure you add a Sparkle Athletic skirt to your list. Sparkle Athletic skirts are a shirt that goes over top of your favorite runners usual bottoms. They come in tons of colors and patterns. If you are thinking of buying one, I recommend either white or black to start. This way you know it will match with everything.

8. Gone For A Run Medal Hanger – If your favorite runner loves to race, clearly a new medal holder is a great gift! I love my Gone For A Run PR medal hanger. It has a space that I can update my PR times and have a special place for those special medals. They can personalize medal hangers and even add extra spaces if needed. You can pick different colors or settings as well so each medal hanger is made for your special runner!

9. Sarah Marie Design Studio Shirt – Your favorite runner always needs fun running related clothes for those times being out with runners friends. I love Sarah Marie Design Studio shirts! They are all running related and just awesome. Every shirt has tons of color options, and there are even sweatshirts too! Guarantee you gift one of these shirts and you will win the holidays! Use promo code RUBEL for 10% off your purchase until 12/31.

10. StrideBox Subscription – I have tried a few subscription boxes, but I think StrideBox is my favorite. The box includes running specific products to try. With each box comes a card so you can order more of your favorite product. Some of the products that came in my boxes I never even thought of trying before. That's the fun of it, you never know what you are going to get! I recommend a three month subscription, but you can always do a one time box to see how things go!

11. Runners Connect Strength Training For Runners - I have learned that I need more cross training in my schedule. My body has really started enjoying the challenge. Jeff Gaudette has formed a few different strength training plans to work in with your own training plan. I just started the plan for half marathon training myself! Plus, my girl Tina Muir works with them, and if it works for her it must be good! If you are interested in a training plan you can get one for $49! Runners Connect also wants to offer one of my readers the chance to win one of the strength training programs! You can enter my giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope this list helps you surprise that special runner in your life! Check back next week for some more goodies for runners!


  1. I actually don't have any races scheduled for 2017, yet, but I do know that I plan on adding a ton more strength training to my training plan if I get selected for the Chicago Marathon

    1. I was freaking out because I didn't know what races I was running next fall lol!

  2. I have a half coming up in a few weeks in Baltimore. After all the injuries I received from running 2 marathons in 2 weeks, I realize that I really need to up my strength training.

    1. What an accomplishment! The program is great you should totally look in to it!

  3. I plan to run the San Diego half in March 2017. My last big running accomplishment was a full marathon (my first) almost 2 years ago followed shortly thereafter by a half. I then spent the next year recovering from injury. Strength training is my weak spot.

    1. This post also reminds me that I still need to buy a nice frame for my Run Ink Marathon Map!

    2. Oh yes! Aren't they just the coolest!?

  4. Awesome ideas! I saw that Gone For a Run also has a table-top medal hanger as well, which looks equally as cute, but doesn't make me put more holes in my walls (apartment life, ugh!). Helloooo Christmas list!! Wahoo.

  5. I am not signed up for anything yet, but looking at a half marathon in Champaign IL in April. Not sure if I want to work on 5k & 10k speed first, though. I have a little cushion of time to work with still.