Monday, November 28, 2016

Gifts For Runners: $61 - $150

Let's face it, runners are incredibly difficult to shop for. We get it, and we are sorry. Last week I shared with you a few of my gift ideas for under $60 (with a few promo codes that are still good!), but let's say you want to spend a little more money on your favorite runner. Here is a few gift ideas for runners up to $150!

1. Running Store Gift Card: Your local running store can do so much for the runner in your life. Besides shoes, there are so many goodies you can explore. It's good for a runner to have their gait looked at every so often, and your local running store is the best place for that to happen. I would recommend a gift card of at least $100.

2. New Balance Heat Tight: Winter is coming, and it is terrible. A ton of big races require winter training and winter running clothes are clutch. These New Balance Heat Tights are really neat. They have a fleece layer inside of them but aren't bulky. They have reflective touches and a zipper down the bottom to easily take them on and off. Oh, and a drawstring! These pants are $89.99 and totally worth it. They can be used on their own or as a top layer. You can thank me later.

2. Mizuno Breath Thermal Jacket: You need to keep your favorite runner warm and dry, and a Mizuno Breath Thermal Jacket is perfect. It is light and reflective and even has a hood and thumb holes! Breath Thermal is an awesome material that uses your body heat to generate heat. The colors are great and the fit is very true to size. It's $110 and a great deal for everything you get.

3. Running Shoes: Here is what you do. Go right now and find your favorite runners shoes. You can take a picture of them and the size (on the tongue) and take it to your local running store. Buy said shoes. You will win the holidays. I promise. Yes, it is that easy.

4. Race Entry: Your favorite runner has been thinking about a race. You know you have heard all about the plans. There are a ton of reasons why registration has not been purchased. Take the hint and do it for them! Race entries are a great gift! If you are thinking about registering for some Rock 'n' Roll races (Arizona, NOLA, DC, Nashville, Mexico City or Dallas) I can save you $15 on the half or full marathon registration. Use promo code RUNSTEFF2016. Also, if you sign up for a full marathon with Rock 'n' Roll you get a finishers jacket! Really cool!

5. Race VIP Experience: I have been lucky to do two race VIP experiences and they have both been fantastic. Most VIP experiences include a separate bag check, private bathrooms, food, drinks and a post race massage. Some include other perks too, each one is different. If your favorite runner has already registered for a race, add it on! It is really easy and very much worth it.

6. Massage: If your favorite runner is like me, we kinda overlook some recovery methods. Massage is a great way to release some tension and work out some of the kinks. I would recommend you go to a local day spa rather than a chain for this. It is much better to support a local business that genuinely wants to help you.

7. Roll Recovery R8: Now, this is a wildcard gift. The Roll Recovery R8 is an intense product. If your favorite runner complains of IT Band problems, this is what you buy. The R8 gets in to the places most rollers miss and provides a different type of relief.  The Roll Recovery website has tons of videos on the best way to use your new R8. You are also supporting a small business, which is a great feature as well.

8. Custom Training Plan: You registered your favorite runner for the race they have been talking about running. Why not get them a training plan custom made for them and their goal race? A running coach can be a long term commitment, but working with a certified coach to create a custom plan is a great way to figure out if you want to continue a relationship. I can recommend my girls Toni and Christine from Relentless Runners. These two truly want to see you succeed. They have Cyber Monday deal for 30% off monthly one-on-one coaching! If you aren't ready to start your coaching yet, or you are buying for your favorite runner, just let them know. They will start it whenever you are ready!

9. Garmin Forerunner 25: If your favorite runner is looking for a basic GPS watch, this is it. The Forerunner 25 can track distance and pace along with setting up your intervals. It is a great price point and will get the job done.

10. Nathan VaporAires Hydration Vest: If the runner in your life is complaining about hydration (or lack there of) during runs, this is the gift. Not only does the vest hold two liters of water, but it has tons pockets that can hold ALL THE THINGS! Let's be honest, pockets make everything better.

I hope these gift ideas are helpful! I have one more post coming for those wanting to spend a bit more. Look out for it later this week!

What is your favorite runners gift within this price range?


  1. This past year I committed to getting a monthly deep tissue massage and it has been the best thing ever. Giving a gift certificate to a runner is the best idea ever!

    1. That sounds so wonderful! I'm glad it helped for you!

  2. Love this list! Still holding out hoping you'll get a code for RnR Raleigh :)

    1. Me too friend. I will let you know as soon as I do!!

  3. I decided last week to ask my parents for the R8 roller!