Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gifts For Runners: Over $150

Let's face is, runners are incredibly difficult to shop for. We get it, we are sorry. Last week I shared with you some of my best gifts for runners under $60, and earlier this week gifts from $61 - $150. Today, the gloves are off. Here are some of my favorite gifts for runners over $150.

1. Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Global Tour Pass - So the runner in your life loves to travel and run all the races. Rock 'n' Roll has you covered. The Global Tour Pass gives your favorite runner the ability to run every race RnR offers that year, any distance. For one flat fee you don't have to worry about race registrations. No paying fees for each race, and it is super simple to register for races. I loved having one and cannot imagine not having it.

2. Garmin 230/235 - I am going to tell you why the 230 is the watch for me then you can decide. Most Garmin's offer the same features. The reason why I like the 230 is because it is run and bike focused and I can upload my workouts to my watch. I no longer have to write my workouts on my arm or constantly focus on what I needed to run. It tells me. It also has bluetooth built in so I don't have to plug my watch in to upload the data. The difference between the 230 and 235 is the added heart rate monitor build in to the watch. No more chest strap. If you are alright with the price tag, buy it. It is worth it 100%.

Plus, it can give you weekly/monthly totals and tells you if you hit a PR!
3. Mile 22 Bags - If you have noticed your favorite runner has a bunch of bibs laying around, why not re-purpose them? Mile 22 will take your bibs and make an awesome bag out of them! This way your favorite runners can carry their favorite bibs with them. They have a variety of bags to pick from, really something for everyone. If you are interested in getting one, you can use promo code "10thrive" for 10% off at checkout on all products except the cross body bag and gift cards. They have a gift card promotion right now where you buy a $25 gift card and they add $5 on! This is good until 1/1/17.

I love the finish line tote. It's adorable!
4. Race Themed Vacation - Who doesn't love going on vacation? How about you surprise your favorite runner with a race-cation? This could be a weekend trip you have always talked about going on that just happens to include a race. What about organizing a trip with all of the running friends? Running retreats are huge right now. Book one! It's an incredibly unexpected gift that anyone would love.

5. Gym Membership - Now this can be taken a few different ways. Make sure your favorite runner already goes to a gym before you tackle this. Maybe your favorite runner has been talking about trying classes or maybe swimming. Go for it! It would mean a lot to not have to pay every month for it. Plus, cross training is super important and you never know who you will meet while working out.

I hope these posts have helped make shopping for us runners a little easier. Sorry we are so difficult!

What was the best running related gift you ever received? 


  1. I just got the Garmin 230 - LOVE IT! And I need to start dropping hints to the hubs about a race themed vacation. He doesn't run so maybe I should go without him. Lol! :)

  2. These are all great ideas! I think getting a gift card for a running store for $150 is also a great idea so that the runner can get a new pair of shoes and socks. I always need a new pair but hate paying for them, so this way I can pick out the pair I want and not have to worry about it (sorry if you mentioned this in another post!)