Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Out and About in Las Vegas and Expo!

Hubs and I left for Las Vegas Wednesday evening after work. Let me tell you, that has a cluster in itself! Our flight was delayed for over an hour for some reason and the airport was a zoo. Mental note for next trip. By the time we got checked in, we passed out. It was 8pm and this would continue to be a trend.
Thursday I woke up at 5am wide awake and ready to go. I hit the gym and waited for hubs to wake up. We got an early start out on the strip!

After awhile we headed to the Expo. We walked and it was a nice hike. Off the strip but a huge location.

After that we decided to play the slot machines for a little bit. Hubs hit for $100 on a bonus and I played on the same machine for two hours! Now let's mention I made $20, but still! It was fun and back to bed around 9pm.

Friday our friend Allison joined us for a trip to the Hoover Dam and Red Rocks Canyon.

And then we did something that made my 12-year old self happy. WE SAW BRITNEY SPEARS!!!

We made it until midnight that night and finally slept past 6am! We had the worst time adjusting.
Saturday we took Allison around the rest of the strip. Seriously, if people don't get their steps in while staying on the strip they are doing something wrong.

We ended up walking the strip a bunch while we were in Las Vegas. Including the races it was about 80 miles worth of walking.

Stay tuned in the coming days for my race recaps!

Where is your favorite place to stay in Las Vegas?

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