Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Week That Was: 11/14 - 11/20

I knew this week would be off training wise. With travel and a Sunday night race, getting in the swing of things was really hard. Plus some other factors played in too.

Monday was a rest day since we left Las Vegas around 6pm and got home around 2am. It was a super long day of travel and I was really happy to be home. Dangle was happy to have us back too.

Tuesday I slept in (yay finally!) and did three loads of laundry and grocery shopped then worked a high school soccer double header. Yep, you guessed it, I didn't run. I did, however do a strength workout from my new plan made by Runners Connect. I'll be doing them four days a week and they connect with my training plan for Princess!

Wednesday was a planned rest day with work.

Thursday was time to run. It was my perfect temperature. 50 degrees, sunny and a cool breeze. I decided it would be my speeder workout of the week. I did five miles with four minutes long run pace and one minute sprints. Each of my one minute sprints were under 7:00/mile pace which was awesome.

I did notice during that run that my hamstring/IT Band was really tight. Like, REALLY tight. I did another strength workout after and rolled for a good long time.

Friday was in the 70s and sunny. I couldn't wait to get outside! The weather was suppose to turn Friday night so I wanted to do a longish run. The plan was between 8-10 miles. Well, I got a mile in and my left leg completely tightened up. I turned around and went back. Guys it hurt so bad. One of my goals of November was to listen to my body, well it was screaming.

I scheduled myself a massage for Monday hoping it will help. My glute is stupid tight along with the rest of my leg.

Clearly Saturday was a rest day but I did another strength training from Runners Connect (hip strengthening for the win).

Sunday I tried to do a few miles on the treadmill and I just couldn't. Everything is just awful. I had a moment because I saw my monthly mileage goal fade farther away, but then I remembered the main goal. A healthy training cycle for Princess. So if that means taking it easy in November, done. Plus, it's cold and miserable Sunday morning. Snow is even on the ground. I ended up with my final strength training workout of the week and enjoyed my coffee.

Weekly Total: 7 miles
November Total: 40.2

Could I still hit my 75 mile goal for November? Maybe. Am I worried about it, no. I want to see how I feel after this massage and go from there. If I have to rest until Princess training starts December 5 then I will.

Also, I have a really cool giveaway lined up next week! It starts on Monday so you will want to check it out for sure!

Have you ever gotten a massage? How has it helped you?

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