Friday, December 2, 2016

Five Things Friday - 12.2

It's December. Really, IT'S DECEMBER! It really hit me after Las Vegas that 2016 was coming to an end. While 2016 was a different type of year for me, running wise, 2017 is back to business as usual.

I'm in the process of finishing my first half of 2017 race schedule but for sure my goal race is the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. I am so pumped to get back in to racing shape and seeing what I can do.

Training for Princess officially starts on Tuesday!! LIKE TUESDAY THE 6TH! I'm mildly freaking out and overly excited.

Anyway, this edition of Five Things Friday I'm sharing my December goals. I always promise to be nothing but honest with you guys. Putting these goals out is holding me to all of it!

1. About 90 miles - I have a training plan that is super intense. It's four days a week and has a lot of tempo work. The first month has about 90 miles in it and I plan on hitting every workout.

2. Continue Strength Training - I've been keeping up on my Runners Connect strength training plan. I really do enjoy the workouts. They seem simple but will totally break a sweat. They helped me so much during my running break.

3. Cross Training Once A Week - The pool is shut down until the end of January so the nameless bike and I will be together at least once a week. I really enjoy adding biking to my routine and it can only help.

4. Roll After Every Workout - EVERY WORKOUT! I can't let my glute tighten up again so rolling it is. It's not an option anymore.

5. Hit The Pavement - I hate cold weather running. True statement. I usually take February off since I have ran a January marathon for the past three years. December will be my building to cold weather running. The only reason I will not run outside is if the weather is bad. That's it. I will run outside!

I can't believe it's already time to start training again, and for real! It's been so long and I'm ready!

What are your December goals? Any tips for winter running? 

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  1. I've definitely got a love-hate relationship with my foam roller as well! I can't believe it's already December. I haven't sat down to think about what I want this month to look like, but hopefully this weekend will give me some time :)