Wednesday, December 7, 2016

If I Could Be Like That

I've been trying to put together some sort of a race schedule for 2017. It's been really hard! I am already signed up for the Princess Half and I know I have to run Rock 'n' Roll DC again (save $15 on the half or full with promo code RUNSTEFF2016) but I'm struggling with the rest!

Usually I have my entire race schedule picked out by now. I know I do not want to run a fall marathon because I am going to run the Disney Marathon in 2018. Spring and summer are hard with weddings, pre planned trips and I just can't make a decision! There is another factor going in to my indecisiveness.

I think 2016 spoiled me. Having a year without a goal made signing up for races easy. Since time didn't matter, I could run whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I ran nine half marathons in 2016. Almost double my lifetime total! Only four of them were sub-2, well, one was two hours on the dot.

In the same respect, I think 2016 also set me back a little. Don't get me wrong, I had an incredible year! I traveled to a bunch of new places, made some amazing friends and creating memories I will hold forever. But coming off a great 2015 racing year I feel like I threw that all away.

I busted my butt for 16 weeks in the summer of 2015 to set not once but three PRs in four weeks (half marathon twice and a 6.6k). Luckily when I registered for Princess I could use my half PR as my proof of time. Guess what ladies and gentlemen, that's all gone now.

As I'm trying to decide on a spring race, none of my fall 2015 races will be accepted for proof of time. Longer races won't care about my 5k PR I set in June. I would have to use a 1:56 I ran in Chicago.

I'm sure this sounds like a totally superficial problem, but it really isn't to me. I know I am a better runner than that. I've proved it. I'm kicking myself that I didn't realize it the entire year and didn't give one race a little harder of a try.

But that is in the past. I need to focus my energy to get back to where I was. After two weeks off of running to take care of some nagging aches and pains, I'm back to training. I have a training plan and it is going to kick my butt. I'm a bundle of nerves over this, but mostly excited.

The goal for 2017 is to build the base I need to have a really great race in Disney in 2018. Plus finding myself again in the process. I need to see if I really am a sub-1:50 half marathoner or content with being a two hour one. There is so much searching to be done, and a ton of miles to get it done.

First things first, I need to finish my spring race schedule.

How do you feel looking back on 2016? Anything you wish you did differently?


  1. Looking back on 2016 I'm proud that I officially became a marathoner, but other than that, the year wasn't that great for running because of my 3 injuries.

    I'm having a hard time planning my 2017 schedule as well. I'm still waiting to see if I'll be accepted for the Chicago Marathon so that will definitely help determine any of my Fall races. I'm also trying to complete half marathons in at least two states so that I'm weighing in those factors as well.

    1. There isn't enough time! Why isn't there enough time!?