Monday, December 19, 2016

Princess Half Marathon Training: Week Two

This week was the first week I had to deal with weather. Not just snow, but cold. Like really cold. The work still needed to be done, and it would be.

Monday Kelsey had said she was going to do a longer run and I said I would join her. We did five miles together and it wasn't that bad. We knew the rest of the week would be cold and had to take advantage of this opportunity.

Tuesday was the snow day. Thank goodness I ran on Monday. I did a strength workout and went to bed early. It was great.

Wednesday I worked all day but managed to do another strength workout. I love that the Runners Connect trainings because most of them do not require equipment!

Thursday was cold. Like really cold. I moved down to the treadmill for my seven mile workout. Well, I did my two mile warm up and had to stop the treadmill. Everything was killing me. Turns out, I put on my dead trainers! Totally makes sense. So, I ran two miles and I moved along with my day.

Friday was the workout I have been dreading since I wrote out my training plan.

Two mile warm up
Two minutes sprint uphill (7.0 incline)
Two minutes recovery
::five reps::
One mile cool down

Guys I crushed it! All five reps were under 7:00/pace and I was sweating! It was so awesome to crush that workout!

I then rode my trainer for 20 minutes and did my final strength workout for the week! I had such an awesome day!

I earned some wine!

Saturday morning I woke up to some crazy ice!

I needed to do my Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series virtual run, so I took it to the treadmill. Had a really nice run. It felt really good!

Sunday Kelsey had planned her 20 miler for WDW. I decided I would join her to make sure she did it. Well, it was still snowing, very icy and out feet were soaked. We ended up running five miles together. I came home, changed my socks and set out through the neighborhood for four more miles. Nine miles total and finished with frozen hair!

Weekly Total: 24.3 Miles
Monthly Total: 49.4 Miles

I ran more miles already this month than all of November. I'm still feeling great and thrilled to continue training. I hope the weather cooperates a little bit next week so I can get outside a little bit more. Only ten weeks to go!

How did the weather affect your training last week? 


  1. Last week was crazy! Luckily this week looks so much better (especially the weekend). Looking forward to it:)

    1. It looks so much better! It was nice to get to hang out for a little too!!