Monday, December 26, 2016

Princess Half Marathon Training: Week Three

This week was strange. It's started really well but ended not so well.

Monday I did a strength workout and rolled. I think I rolled for close to 20 minutes it just felt so good.

I also received my We Run Social ornament from the exchange. It was from Christina (@littlebeastling on Instagram) and it was perfect! I love this group so much and the people I have gotten to connect with this year!

Tuesday was an interesting workout. Here were the details.
2 mile warmup
3 miles HMP (7:52, 7:50, 7:42) with 3:00 recovery
4x2:00 fast (3 out of 4 under 7:00/pace) with 90 seconds recovery
1 mile cool down
7.8 miles total

I was really proud of my work on this. The one 2:00 segment I was slower was because I slipped on ice and had to regain my composure! My goal HMP is 8:00 so those paces were great! I really liked this workout and I'm glad I did it!

Wednesday was a recovery day and I did another strength workout. I also got an adorable package from my friend Brandi! It made my heart so happy!

Thursday was when the week took a turn. I got on the treadmill for my workout. One mile warm up. Three miles HMP (7:52, 8:03, 7:59) and then I stopped. My stomach was angry. REALLY angry. I missed my one mile cool down and I couldn't move another step. I literally got stopped in my tracks.

I decided to rest on Friday since I still wasn't feeling 100%. Hubs and I did get to go out for Date Night! We went to The Yard over in Shadyside. It was so nice and we just loved spending the time together.

Saturday I felt better so we headed out for my long run. Hubs was gonna walk a little bit while I attempted 10 miles. My stomach had other plans. I made it six miles and had to call it quits. I felt like my stomach was in a knot. Great. Just great. At least I ran a 9:10 average pace for the six miles and they felt fine cardio wise.

Sunday I had planned on finishing my 10 miles but then I was struck with a migraine. Yep, full blown. I couldn't catch a break. I went to bed and stayed there. I felt terrible! Luckily before I got sick we had a nice Christmas morning.

Weekly Total: 17.8 Miles
December Total: 67.1 Miles

Luckily today (Monday) I'm feeling better. The weather is suppose to be beautiful so I am trying to get outside for a little bit. I have some vacation days this week too so I'm hoping to get back in to my groove.

I hope you all had had a wonderful holiday! Enjoy the last week of 2016

Did you get to enjoy your holiday? Any gift you were really excited to receive? 


  1. So disappointing that you got sick, but you still killed it this week. Way to go girlfriend!

  2. I appreciate it Gretchen! Just gotta get healthy then back at it!