Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Saucony Freedom ISO Review

I have been looking for a second shoe to add in to my rotation for winter. While I did enjoy my Hoka Clifton 2's, I did not have a lot of faith in them for winter running. I was about to pull the trigger on the New Balance 880, but I was not a fan of the higher drop. Saucony had announced they were releasing a new shoe in December called the Freedom ISO. It seemed like exactly what I was looking for.

First, let's talk about the technical details of this shoe.

The Saucony Freedom ISO has a full-length mid-sole of EVERUN. It then has a second layer of EVERUN close to the sock liner. It is a super cushioned ride but not like sink in cushion. The upper of this shoe is incredibly lightweight and molds to your foot. It has the ISOFIT that people love from the Triumph or the Hurricane. With the added layer of EVERUN, the shoe is made for any type of foot strike.

Gait Type: Neutral
Arch: High to Normal
Offset: 4mm
Weight: 9.0oz (men) 8.1oz (women)

When I first put these shoes on, I knew they would be what I was looking for. I like a firmer shoe, but sometimes I need a little cushion. This is exactly what I got in the Freedom ISO. I have a very narrow foot and the ISOFIT molded right to my foot. The Freedom ISO fit very true to size, I didn't feel the need to size up like when I tried on the Triumph. The other thing I noticed was how light the shoe was. Man, I wasn't sure how a shoe this light could hold up to longer distance.

First run in my Freedom ISO, I didn't even realize I was wearing a different shoe. It was a very fluid ride. I am a mid-foot striker and I felt super supported through the entire run. It was a four mile run and I was quite confident in wearing them for any 4-6 mile runs.

And the bottom is super fun!

I then used the Freedom ISO for my eight mile treadmill run. This would be a real test. Not only a long run, but a treadmill run as well. Again, I felt no difference. They worked out great. The shoe never felt clunky and just such a solid ride.

I have about 25 miles on them at this point and I am still in love with them. They seem to be my go to shoe for runs during the week.

The Freedom ISO has a $160 price tag and it is totally worth it. I am pretty cheap but I knew I had to have these shoes. If you are a fan of any Saucony neutral shoes, at least try these on. The Freedom ISO is a nice blend of a few different Saucony shoes and will now be a stable in my running shoe rotation.

What shoes are in your current rotation? Have you tried the Saucony Freedom ISO.


  1. I just got my first pair of Saucony's (an older Triumph) and I love these! I want to get these for the looks alone but I'll definitely have to test these out next time I'm looking for a new pair.

  2. just did my first run with ISO... 5 miles..i changed from the saucony peregrine artic ice..the ISO definitely feels more cushion, but not sure if I am feeling "too spongy" on the balls of my feet...any thoughts ?. I am just not used to a cushioned shoe ? or laces too loose ?..thanks

    1. Totally more cushioned! They have the extra layer of Everun right in the forefoot. Totally why you feel it!

    2. to try 5 more tomorrow with just feels like there is more "movement" up front..but that's the "movement" of foot/toes going up and down in the cushion ??? way I can explain how it feels

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