Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wisdom From The Running Store: Part Nine

When I started working at a running store I would get tons of questions. Some from customer who felt comfortable enough asking and some from friends. As I was getting asked these questions it made me think that maybe a lot of other people had these questions as well. Thus bringing you Wisdom From The Running Store.

This month's question comes from Loyna. It is perfect for this time of year!

"I am in the market for a treadmill. Which one do you use? Which would you suggest?"

Such a great question! There are tons of treadmills on the market and it could be so overwhelming to try to make a decision. I bought my treadmill a few years ago. It is a LiveStrong treadmill and I got it on end of the season blowout clearance. It doesn't have a bunch of bells and whistles, but it does have a fan, headphone jack and a USB cord so I can keep everything charged.

Apparently you cannot purchase LiveStrong treadmills in the USA anymore (shocking) but it is very similar to a ProForm treadmill. ProForm can be very economical (Under $1,000) and don't have all the bells and whistles you probably wouldn't use anyway.

The one feature I would look for is the platform length. Even though I am shorter, I like having the longer and wider platform. Make sure you have room for it and put a mat under it as well. 

This is the Runners World Guide to treadmills for 2017. Take a look, but remember to test out a few before you buy one. Also stay up on maintenance of your treadmill. I make sure I turn mine on for a few minutes once a month during the time I'm not using it. Just to make sure everything is still working properly.

Thanks so much for the question Loyna! 

If you have a question you would like answered, please ask! You can leave a comment below or email me! I would love to help!

Which treadmill do you use? Any feature you would recommend?