Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I Saw The Sign

Have you ever had that one little thing that helped reassure you that you can take on the world? For some people it's a motto the hold so closely, maybe it's fitting in to "those jeans" or even a medal at the end of the race. Well, for me it was finally getting my bib number for Princess.

When I ran my 1:42 in October of 2015 I would not have believed you that I would not use that time at all in 2016. If you would have told me I would have suffered a second stress fracture in two years, ran nine half marathons and have my best half time in 2016 be almost 15 minutes slower I would have never believed you. Like ever.

Boy, did I have fun though.

When registration for Princess came up I wasn't sure what time I would submit. When I realized my PR time would still work I was thrilled. After working so hard for it, I could finally use it! From my past Disney race experience I knew I would be in the A corral, but there is something about a bib number for me.

Kelsey knew how anxious I was about this. We both had been stalking the RunDisney page waiting for the update. She saw it first and instantly let me know.

I was shaking. Literally shaking at work. Like the good friend she is, Kelsey had already found my bib number so we could be excited together.

I'm clearly not going to share it publicly but I will say I got a bib number in the top 100 Glass Slippery Challenge participants. I was very close to tears. I felt numb. This is it. This is the feeling I have been missing. I had a similar feeling when I got my Tinkerbell bib number in 2015, and my time wasn't nearly as good!

I had a moment picking my bib up from the first booth.

While running for fun for a year was a blast, this singular moment proved to me that I am a competitor. I have a long way to go to get back to where I was, but damnit I earned this. I belong here.

That five digit number did way more for my confidence than nine weeks of training. Kelsey said it best, "RunDisney is expecting big things from you" - hell, then I should too!

It's time to taper and get focused. It's time to find that competitive spirit again. It's going to be uncomfortable and most of all, totally worth it.

I'm linking up with Annmarie, Nicole, Michelle and Jen for Wild Workout Wednesday.

Let's be honest, what is that one sign you are working towards?


  1. How exciting! I can see how much this race means to you. I'll be at the 5K and running the 10K so I hope I get to see you! Enjoy your taper!

  2. How exciting can't wait to read all about how the race goes. You got this

  3. Now I have that Ace of Base song running through my head! LOL! good luck with the race!

  4. So exciting!!! I totally feel you- I wasn't nearly as competitive with my running last year as I was in previous years. Back to being serious about reaching my PR this spring come hell or high water!

  5. I'm so excited for you to conquer this race!


  6. TAPER TIME! Man don't we live for those little successes? So glad you're hitting your stride again, you're making me pumped up and I'm just sitting at work!

  7. That's awesome! Sounds like you're in a great mindset--go with it!

  8. There's always something special about getting your bib number or corral assignment! Enjoy the taper!!!! You've earned it!