Monday, February 13, 2017

Princess Half Marathon Training - Week 10

Taper town!! I have been really looking forward to a real taper. I haven't had one in over a year! I have to say, the thing I was most looking forward to was a decrease in miles.

Monday I had a massage to shake out the last few weeks of hard training. It was awesome. I not only got a massage but she stretched me out really well. When I got home I got my ears from my amazing friend Brooke. They are just adorable and I can't wait to wear them around the park! Check out her Instagram for when her shop opens again!

Hubs had off of work on Tuesday so we did a TON of errands. We got him new running shoes, stop at our friends house to drop off some stuff and had a nice dinner. Since his schedule is a little crazy, we have to adapt to days when we can spend time together.

Wednesday was my first run of the week. Here is the workout:
2 mile warm up
8x800m with a goal under 1:42 (3:41, 3:41, 3:41, 3:37, 3:37, 3:36, 3:42, 3:36)
200m recovery
1 mile cool down
8 miles total

Thursday was my first real taper side effect day. I was starving. I ate all day. By the time I got to my workout I felt so crappy I knew I couldn't run. I decided to do a double strength workout. Oh man, did I feel ever piece of food I put in my mouth that day.

Friday we got about five inches of snow. I played it safe and took it to the treadmill for six easy miles. Nothing fancy, just getting them in. I also finished my strength training for the week.

Saturday was strange. I had paced miles on the schedule and I had to work so I decided to run close to work. At close to 50 degrees, I encountered ice. I don't know if this was the universe telling me not to do my paced miles, but I physically couldn't do them. I ran five miles at a slower pace than expected and felt terrible. Yay taper.

Sunday I was so excited to get to run with my BRF Carrie! We have been trying to run together for months and finally we made it work! Those 10 miles flew by. We chatted, saw tons of dogs and got to run in shorts! I am so happy we could make it work!

Weekly Total: 29 miles
February Total: 58.2 miles
2017 Total: 192.9 miles

When I saw that 2017 total today I was shocked. I will hit 200 miles on my next run! This is crazy! I have noticed so many of the little changes are helping with my running. I'm so excited to see how the rest of the year will go!

How did you deal with the winter weather? Oh, and then the spring weather.


  1. This weather is so nuts!! I'm glad I wasn't running Thursday or Friday - by the time the weekend rolled around the temps were great. Yesterday was SO hot & SO humid.. the run was hard! 200 miles already for 2017!! that's amazing :)

  2. Those ears though!!! Tuning with you tomorrow : )

    1. Aren't they cute!? It's my second pair! Excited you're linking up tomorrow!!