Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2017 Princess 10k Recap

About two years ago, my friends and I had this crazy idea to run Princess. We all decided we would run the 10k together and do what we wanted to for the half. To say I was excited to have a big group costume at a Disney race would be an understatement!

Little notes before I get to the race recap. If you can get to the expo early, do it. We went on Thursday in the later afternoon and it was a little busy, but went back on Friday and it was nuts. There were characters at the expo, which I had not seen at a Disney expo before. Disney also stopped giving out the little cards with your bib number on it for bag check. Cost saving matters. They write it on your bag when you check, Don't be worried.

I did not cry picking up my bib.

Okay, so there is a group of six of us running the 10k together. Just for fun. Plan is stopping at all the character stops, within reason, and having a ton of fun. We have annual passes this year and all of the photos are included. You better believe we are taking advantage of it!

For some reason the first bus left the resorts at 3:30am instead of 3am, so we got a little more sleep. We met our friends outside the gear check and relaxed for a little. 

When it was time for us to go to the corral we made our plans. One of us would run ahead a get in line for the characters and the rest of us would catch up. We were in corral B and it was so crowded. We were only taking one picture so it seemed logical. 


We avoided the mini-wave and started on our journey. We had no idea how far the first stop would be, but since we were wearing bright green shirts, it made it easy! We first encountered Moana on an overpass. She was talking to all of us and I screamed "Thank you!" and she said back "You're Welcome!" We all kinda chuckled.

When we hit the mile one marker we heard "Let It Go." I lost my mind thinking Ana or Elsa would be on the course. Nope, just the music from the mile marker. Oh well, moving on. The first stop was not far after the mile one marker, but on a turn. Terrible location. It was Elena. I'm not really sure who she is, but it was a picture stop!

Our next alien took off and we tried to navigate the crowd. It was a lot. I was really having an issue with it. We got to the next stop and some people didn't seem to understand the "one big group picture" concept. While in line I did see a man dressed as Bayley and I lost my mind. If everyone didn't want to do a group costume I was going to dress like her!

Big group of runners.
Anyway, this stop was Tink and friends.

Next stop was a little down the road and it finally felt like it spread out. We waited a really long time at this one.

I decided I would run a head a look at the next stop. I went all the way back in to the World Showcase and saw no one!

I waited for my friends here and decided to try Facebook Live. I mean, Disney has wifi, why not! In the middle of my Facebook Live I hear someone call my name. It was Christina! we have been internet friends for some time now and expected to meet later. It was hilarious!

When my group arrived we took in the World Showcase. Fun fact, they play about a five song loop in the World Showcase. I heard those songs about 10 times each and sang along. No shame in my game. About half way through the World Showcase we saw Dopey!

We took a real bathroom stop and saw all the photographers!

We went out to the Boardwalk and saw the line for Minnie Mouse. It was crazy and we decided to skip it. I would be a terrible blogger if I didn't mention the reactions we got from our costumes. It was awesome. Runners came up to us and told us how much they loved them, spectators were interacting with us. I don't think I stopped smiling in those last two miles.

We all made it to the finish line together but sadly the photographers didn't get our whole group! It's alright. We had the best time even if it took almost two hours!

This was my first 10k in Disney World, and I don't think I would do another one. It was REALLY crowded. While I had a ton of fun, I don't think the cost of it outweighed how congested the first few miles were. Even in the second corral. Plus, I'll take the extra hours of sleep.

Have you done a Disney 10k before? Do you have the same feelings I do?


  1. My only RunDisney race was the Darkside 10k last year and it was a crowded mess. I had planned to stay with my slower friend, but course congestion kept her from running her intervals and I had to leave her just before mile 2 as the balloon ladies got to us. It was a bummer, but I did learn its better to start in your own corral and they are changing the course for this year. I do hope to do another RD race sometime, though.

    And I love the alien costumes! The claw is our master!

  2. I love these pics!!! I'm glad you had an enjoyable race.