Monday, March 27, 2017

Pittsburgh Marathon Training - Week Three

This week was going to test me. I knew it was. My husband was out of town for work. I was working a lot, and I was running my furthest distance since my last marathon over 15 month ago. I knew this week was coming, and I needed to adapt.

Monday was a long work day and some rest. Dangle, my cat, does not do well when my husband is gone and she had kept me up all night. It's so hard to be her.

Tuesday I was working a high school basketball game up at Slippery Rock. I had a ton of time before the game, and a friend suggested I run up at Moraine State Park. I decided to give it a shot. It was great! I ran eight miles at about a 9:08 pace and it felt awesome. There were rolling hills, a beautiful view and even bathrooms! I will be up to run again for sure.

Wednesday I woke up with a terrible pressure in my eye. I figured it was from running at Moraine and my allergies. Well, my eye became increasingly red and I thought I had pink eye. I went home and tried to relax. I'm dealing with something that I'm not really sure how to explain. My right eye is super sensitive to light right now. I ordered a new pair of running sunglasses to try and help, but until they get here, my normal ones fog up while I run, I have to play things by ear.

Yay funky eye.

While the weather was beautiful on Thursday, it was really sunny and I couldn't handle being outside. So I took to the treadmill for four miles. I was really excited that my Sentia Athletics outfit came in the mail so I could test the pieces on the treadmill. Check back next week for my review on them, and you can use promo code steff10 for 10% off your order!

Friday was a little overcast so I could go outside! Kelsey and her husband were going to run a little so I decided to join them. We ran three miles together and then I did two solo. Five miles total on another new to be running route.

Saturday was the Just A Short Run 30k. I will have a full recap of the race later this week, but I did finish! It was an interesting experience and I learned a lot from it.

Sunday was a much needed rest day. My legs were super happy. Hubs and I are upgrading our bed (king size!!) so I spent the day making space for the delivery guys and transitioning out my winter running clothes. It felt SO GOOD to pack away all of those heavy pieces.

Weekly Total: 35.8 miles
March Total: 88 miles
2017 Total: 334.4 miles

This coming week is a long run cutback week for me, but my first track workout of this cycle! I'm so excited to get back on the track! I also have a giveaway coming up on Wednesday so check back and make sure you enter!

April 9 is the last day to register online for the Pittsburgh Marathon! You are running out of time to register! Use promo code RUBEL17 for $10 off the half or full marathon!

Pittsburgh Running Bloggers, don't forget to add your weekly recap posts to the link up below!


  1. Sory to hear about your eye :( I hope that it is feeling better. I think the sunglasses will help. I have terrible allergies so I always run with sunglasses too

    1. It's an adjustment for sure. Just need to wait for them to get here!

  2. Excited for your race recap - and glad to hear you finished!

    Your Friday run looks like it was down near the Birmingham Bridge and Riverfront Park!? You've never run down there!?

  3. Adorable (though probably not for you) that your cat gets so upset when hubs isn't around! Kudos for doing so well during a tough week. I'm always afraid to put my winter clothes away, because as soon as I do it's bound to snow. :(

    1. She is his shadow! Luckily all of the winter clothes are just in an under the bed bin. Not far if needed!