Monday, March 6, 2017

The Week After Princess

The races are over. I will be sharing my recaps with you all throughout the week. We had an amazing vacation and cannot wait to go back! I took the entire week off to "recover" (this will make more sense later in the week) but a lot still happened!

Monday we spent the entire day at Magic Kingdom. We met our friends sporadically through the day and through the park. It was magical.

Tuesday hubs and I went to Animal Kingdom and Epcot. We finally got to drink around the world! Again, this will make more sense once you read my race recap.

Wednesday was our last day of vacation and we started at Hollywood Studios. I FINALLY BEAT HUBS AT TOY STORY MANIA! I may have screamed. We then ended our trip at the Magic Kingdom and said goodbye until our next trip in June.

I also found out that I was selected for the 2017 Rock 'n' Blog team! I'm so excited to get to be on the team for a second year in a row. I'm running DC this weekend and Philly in September, but that might be it for this year. We have tons of weddings and trips already, but I never say never at this point. I'll be updating my Discount Codes section of my blog in the next few days to show the new promo code!

Thursday I went back to work and it was awful. The Disney hangover was so real. Plus IT'S SNOWING IN PITTSBURGH! I can't deal. I did sign up for Just A Short Run 30k in a few weeks as a training run for the Pittsburgh Marathon. I can't believe it's already time to start marathon training!

I also found on on Thursday I was named as a 20+ Best Running Blogs of 2017 and a Top 15 Health & Fitness Blogger! Thank you all so much for continuing to support my journey by taking the time to stop by and check in. I really love blogging and I hope it shows!

Friday I got a text from one of my coworkers at Mojo that the St. Patrick's Day Launch's came in! I had to have them!

I had to work on Saturday but I did start getting stuff ready for DC next weekend!! I picked out two outfit options. Weather is a bit iffy right now, so I wanted to be ready!

I also had a mini melt down. Guys, I'm running a marathon soon. I haven't even started training yet! A panic set it, but then I sat down for a little bit with my planner and felt a little better. I think once I get a LONG run in, I will feel better.

Sunday I had to run. Even if it was a little bit, I needed to move. It was really chilly in the morning and I still had a ton of laundry to get done. I did a treadmill 5k. Nothing crazy, just moving. Man, it felt so good!

I finished February with 111.7 miles. After my treadmill 5k I have 250 miles for 2017. It's crazy to me that I am a quarter of the way through my 2017 mileage goal! It's time to start transitioning to marathon training, but I really hope to do well in DC. I don't want to feel like I wasted all of this hard work!

Here's a new part of my weekly recap! If you are a Pittsburgh Area Running Blogger, add your weekly recap to the link up below! And if you want to be added to the Pittsburgh Running Bloggers, email me! I'll add you to the list!


  1. What do you mean you haven't started training yet!? Your princess training is right on par with what I've been doing for marathon training so I think you're fine. Don't worry about it! :) If I don't see you in DC- GOOD LUCK!!!

    1. Thanks friend. I think I'm just freaking out because it hasn't been designated as "marathon training". We'll see! Don't forget to add your weekly recap!

  2. Those shamrock green shoes! *melt* Jealous about DC, I got shut out of the Cherry Blossom 10 miler (man so lazy singing up for things this year) and craving a good DC race! Fingers crossed good weather for you guys!

    1. Thanks friend! I was so scared I was going to miss the shoes!