Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chicks On A Run Four Miler Recap

This week was my time to run the Gone For A Run Chick On A Run Four Miler. I have been looking at this little medal for weeks and I was super excited to finally get to earn it. Since I'm super confused on what day of the week it was, I actually did this virtual run during my midweek 10 miler!

I grabbed my new PRO Compression socks, and Sparkle Athletic skirt and took to the North Shore trail. I also used this run to break in my MARATHON SHOES!!! Yes, it's really happening!

So, these four miles were the last four miles of my 10 miler. It was a beautiful day and I could not have asked for anything better. I wanted to just run for feel and not for time. Since it is my peak week, it's more about the distance than pace this week.

The first mile flew by. I felt so good! I was getting a lot of attention from my skirt, which I didn't mind. Guys, I'm running a race here!

I decided I would take the foot bridge towards Washington's Landing for the four mile loop. If you have never run up there, I highly recommend it. It's beautiful! Flowers were blooming and there were a ton of people out enjoying the nice day.

When my Garmin went off after two miles I turned around and went back. I'm feeling great! I was thinking of my other friends running the virtual race as well. Earning their medals and supporting a great cause!

The last mile was just awesome. Plus, it was my 10th mile of the day and I ran a sub-9:00 mile. I really am a warm weather runner. When my last song came on my iPod I told myself I would finish before the song did. It was perfect timing and I accomplished my goal!

I loved that I could break up a double digit run with a virtual race! It was such a welcomed distraction and I could just feel the energy of the other runners accomplishing this as well! Below is the course I took, pace per mile and elevation chart. Just in case you are looking for a four mile loop in Pittsburgh!

Disclaimer: As a member of the Gone For A Run Virtual Run Team I was given entry to this virtual race. All opinions are my own.


  1. I'm obsessed with that medal! and great job on your run!!! you definitely earned it!

    1. It's it adorable!? All of their virtual medals are great!