Monday, April 10, 2017

Pittsburgh Marathon Training - Week Five

I knew this week would be difficult mentally. After a terrible training week last week, I knew I had to rebound strong. This was a make it or break it week for me.

Since I only ran a mile on Sunday, I decided to run on Monday. I was feeling a little better and just needed to move. Some weather was coming through so I did an easy three miles through my neighborhood. My body felt good which is all I really cared about.

Tuesday I decided to rest. My eye was getting worse and with the lack of sleep, I really just needed to relax. I did foam roll but that's all. I had decided I had to skip the Bon Jovi concert I was so looking forward to. This has really been an awful past two weeks.

Wednesday morning was rough on the old eye. I had called the doctor in the morning and hadn't heard back (theme of the week) but it was beautiful outside. I had to get out there. I left work early and ran 10 easy miles. I have just wanted to feel like myself for about two weeks at this point, and this run really helped. My eye pain started to get worse after it, but I'm still happy I did it.

Thursday was the worst day of the week. I had tried to call the doctor again, and got no where. The on call doctor never even returned my call. My eye was getting worse (it was really gross and I don't want to freak you all out) and I thought it was the drops they gave me. I just laid on the couch after work. It's all I could do.

So on Friday I called the doctor every hour until they answered me. They ended up telling me to stop using the drops and moved my appointment up to Monday. Since I stopped using the drops the redness hasn't gotten worse, but I am still swollen. I'm just happy someone actually talked to me after three days.

Saturday morning Kelsey and I headed to the Waterfront and ran four miles. I was using this weekend as a test weekend for the marathon, so we took the run nice and easy. The same way I plan on running the 5k for marathon weekend.

We left for Ohio later that day so we could run the Towpath Half Marathon in Cleveland Sunday morning. The plan was for me to run 18 miles total, Two miles before the race - half marathon - three mile cool down.

I'll have an actual recap up of the race later this week, but here is the short version.

I ran my two mile warm up. I ran a 1:50 half marathon (not kidding) and didn't do my three mile cool down since I ended up taking a nice chunk of skin out of the side of one of my toenails. So, I ran 15 miles with my second fastest half marathon!

Weekly Total: 32.1 miles
April Total: 33.2 miles
2017 Total: 377 miles

I'm really happy with how this week turned out. It's peak week and this half marathon was really what my mental state needed. I'm excited for the mileage and hopeful for a good week. Let's also hope I get some good news on this eye. I'm really ready for this to be over with!


  1. Your words are exactly what I needed to hear -- I feel like hell today, I definitely need to take some time off if I have any hopes of running this thing. And holy smokes with your half marathon!!! You so deserved a good race! xoxo

  2. Ugh - I'm so sorry about your eye! It's VERY frustrating that it took them forever to get back to you, that makes me so angry. I hope that you get some relief this week.

    Congrats on the strong race this weekend!

    1. Thanks Kim. Don't you worry, I'm going to give them an earful for sure!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your eye issues. I hope you get some good news at your appointment today.

    But your race - congratulations on the 1:50 half marathon! I hope it brightened your day after a few tough weeks!

    1. Thanks Janelle. It was everything my soul needed for sure!