Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Senita Athletics Review

You all know how much I love getting a good deal on things, and how much I love my athletic clothes. Well, I was super excited to find a brand that offered both! Senita Athletics is the best of both worlds. Awesome athletic clothing and affordable prices!  I was really excited to be able to test out some of their pieces, and I want to share my honest opinions on them.

First, a little about Senita Athletics. It is a brand founded in December 2015 by Maddie and Jenna. They are sisters who just couldn't handle the high price tags on the fitness apparel they were looking at. So, they decided to make premium athletics clothing at a reasonable price! All things that are music to my ears!

The first thing I noticed when I was browsing the website was the beautiful patterns! Running clothes can be boring sometimes, but it is fun to add in some colors and patterns. Also, most of the pieces have pockets built in somewhere, which is a huge plus! I also was very happy to see honest reviews on the pieces by other consumers. They really helped with sizing and making decisions on what to pick.

For my first order I went with the Swift Shorts in Rosa and the Breathe Tee in Space Gray. Let me mention, this entire outfit was $44! No, I am not kidding.

A view of each piece on my first treadmill run with them.

Swift Shorts in Rosa

I fell in love with the Rosa pattern the second I saw it. I am not normally a flower print kind of person, but I knew I needed them. Since I usually need a drawstring in long pants (and Senita long pants do not have them) I decided to get the shorts. The first thing I noticed when I took them out of the bag was the great material. It is very similar to my other shorts from Oiselle or Lululemon. They have a 3.5 inch inseam with is comparable with most running shorts. I usually wear a 2 in running shorts, and these are an XXS. They fit true to size.

Front view 

Instead of the usual shorts liner, the Swift Shorts have built in compression shorts with a pocket on the outside of each leg! This can fit a phone, gel or key. Pretty much anything you would need.

My granola bar fit easily!

I was worried that the shorts would ride up, but I was surprised that they stayed in place. The waistband is nice and wide, but soft and didn't rub. The waistband also has a pocket built in the front AND a zipper pocket on the back.

Back view with zipper pocket.

I took the Swift Shorts out for a three mile run around my neighborhood. When I went to put my phone in the side pocket, I noticed there was a hole for my headphones! Instant win!

Bad picture but tons of excitement!

I noticed from my first run on the treadmill in the Swift Shorts that the fabric on the legs were a little loose. Once I put my phone in the pocket I didn't notice it at all. Must have really been a design feature.

See, pre phone. Did not do that once something was in the pockets.

I was worried that the phone would pull down the shorts since there was no drawstring. I had ZERO problems! Everything stayed in place and I didn't notice my phone in my pocket at all!

Post run, since I needed the phone to take the picture!

I cannot wait for more of these shorts to come out in a few months. I am a huge fan of them and the price tag is even better!

Breathe Tee in Space Gray

I really liked the concept of this top when I saw it on the website. They also offer it in a tank, which I really wanted but it was out of stock in my size. All of the reviews were so positive that I decided to dive right in. The first thing I noticed was the awesome color. I am a big fan of gray running clothes. They match with everything and don't get as warm as black. The material is very similar to lux, but doesn't feel as heavy. I wear an XS in running tops and this is true to size.

Front view

I also love the mesh back. It's not like a pantyhose mesh, and feels really durable. The tee is a little long on me, but most things are. Once I was running I didn't notice the length at all. Being able to get some extra airflow was amazing! I'm not a huge sweater when I run, but I never felt super warm which was huge!

I took the Breathe Tee out for a five mile run with some speed built in. This top stayed in place, didn't feel too warm and above all, SHOWED ZERO SWEAT! Trust me, I was sweaty that day! I am officially obsessed with this top!

I can also see myself wearing this shirt during the summer with a cute bralette or swim top. Who doesn't love some extra venting in the hot days of summer?

Seriously, that back!

I cannot stress how much I love these pieces! Senita Athletics has some new styles being released in a few months and I am so excited to see what is to come. I really want to order more! If you are interested in getting some of your own, you can use promo code steff10 for 10% anything on the website! The promo code is good through April 22, so don't wait!

Also, check out my Instagram on Friday for an awesome giveaway from Senita Athletics! I don't want you guys to miss this awesome opportunity!

Disclaimer: I was provided this outfit by Senita Athletics but all opinions are my own. 


  1. I seriously love this outfit!!! I need to hop on over there & give them a try. And I feel like I would wear that top when I'm NOT running. I love anything mesh or lacey - so cute! And those shorts - love the pattern!

    1. I love running clothes that I can wear everyday. I totally feel that way about this top!

  2. Very cute! Will check them out for sure!

    1. You will love it Jennifer! Such fun prints at AMAZING prices!

  3. Whaaaat? I had never seen this brand before your Insta post and this review - and now I'm like, Capris with pockets for $36??? Sports bras in the $20??? I am going to need to give this brand a try!!

    1. Yep, that took me all of two seconds to decide- totally ordered one of the tanks w the built in bra/open back. It'll look awesome w my tattoos! Thanks for the code share/review!

    2. So glad to help! Let me know what you think!!

  4. I am sooooo in love with that outfit! The mesh trend has me quite excited.

  5. I love this outfit - and that shorts pocket is genius!