Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 Pittsburgh Marathon Expo

The Pittsburgh Marathon expo is always a huge event. Not only is it where you pick up your bibs and shirts, but there are so many vendors and things to do. Even if you are not participating in the weekend, it is a great thing to go adventure through!

Once the crew arrived we headed down town to the expo. The expo was located at the convention center so getting down there on a Friday when everyone was trying to leave was a bit of an adventure. We made it and even beat the rain!

The first thing we did when we got in was pick up our bibs. While I knew my marathon bib number, I didn't know what corral I would be in. This normally isn't a big deal but Pittsburgh only has four corrals and they get a little crowded. I was thrilled to find out I would be in corral B!

Please ignore my eye in these pictures, it was a bad day.

After we all got our bibs, it was time to explore the expo! There was so much to walk around and see! 

Don't trust runners at a race expo!

All of the participants names are listed in this picture. 

We spent about two hours at the expo and had a great time. We talked to Jeff Galloway, won some free stuff, spent some money and ran in to a bunch of friends! 

As we were leaving (and beating the rain) we made sure to get one last picture. It still wasn't real to me that I was running a marathon in a few days! This was all so crazy!

How did you make out at the expo? Any great finds?


  1. I was pretty underwhelmed by the expo this year, which I suppose was great for my wallet haha. I didn't like any of the official merch (which sucks, because I would have liked some new stuff!) and overall it was just smaller than in years past. Hoping for a big to-do next year with the 10th anniversary!

    1. I left with two shirts. I was very proud of myself lol. I agree it wasn't as big but it also didn't feel as overwhelming as I remember it.