Saturday, May 27, 2017

Gone For A Run One Awesome Mother Runer 5k Recap

With everything that has been going on, I had not been able to run my Gone For A Run One Awesome Mother Runner on time. I felt really bad since I had told my friend Teil we would run together. (If you didn't hear her story make sure you read it here. It's incredible) Like a great mom, she just wanted me to get better, so I had to do the run solo.

I am still slowly coming back from being out for two weeks, so I decided my virtual 5k would be through my neighborhood. Now my neighborhood is a little hilly so I knew this would be a challenge for my beat up body. Remember, despite having eye surgery, I ran a marathon a few weeks ago!

The route through my neighborhood I take is a mile and a half. It starts uphill then the middle is down and the rest is back uphill. It's humbling for sure and will make sure you take it easy.

I started my run in a light long sleeve and shorts. I attacked my first set of hills and instantly regretted it! My body was not ready for that at all. I took the downhill super easy. Plus, my shoes were squeaking so bad that I just had to pump up the volume of my podcast to drown it out. I was earning this medal for sure.

I hit the one mile mark and decided to take a walk break to ease back in to the uphill. I am drenched in sweat at this point. I have got to ditch this shirt. I never run in just a sports bra around my neighborhood, guess that is changing today! When I got back to my house, I ditched my shirt and started my second loop. WOAH WE'RE HALF WAY THERE!

I made sure I took the next set of hills easy. I did not want to make the same mistake again. I was so happy when I hit the downhill at the two mile mark. Just a mile to go. Nothing can be as hard as the last mile of the marathon. I can do this.

I made sure in that last mile to send lots of positive energy to my friend Teil. Her little one has been sick and I know it's rough on her. It really helped me take some focus off of the hills and how out of shape I have gotten in the past few weeks.

When I made the last turn back up to my house I sprinted. The dark clouds were rolling in and I needed to beat the rain. Check it off, another virtual 5k in the books!

Getting to do this virtual race really helped me stay focused. It's been really hard to get back in to running after everything, but knowing I had a friend and community also out there crushing it made it easier. Thank you all for the motivation. I could feel it for sure!

Disclaimer: I was provided entry in to the One Awesome Mother Runner 5k as a member of the Gone For A Run Virtual Race Team. All opinions are my own. Thanks Gone For A Run for allowing me to complete the race late!

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