Monday, May 1, 2017

Pittsburgh Marathon Training - Week Eight

Second week of taper and my mind was everywhere. I had to travel out of town for my best friends bridal shower and get a ton of things accomplished at home. Thank goodness for cutback weeks during the taper. It gives me just some more time during the week.

Monday rest day was beautiful. I did a bunch of laundry and rolled. I got all of my outfits ready for race weekend. They are in piles and ready to go.

Tuesday I was dodging rain drops and ran four miles through my neighborhood. When I was done I accidentally deleted my run instead of saving it. Let's just add a little more to marathon brain. Ugh,

Wednesday was my last "speed" workout of this cycle. Here is what I did:
4:00 at marathon pace
1:00 recovery - six times
4:00 at half marathon pace
1:00 recovery - six times
Six miles total.

Thursday was another rest day. It was quiet uneventful. It was glorious.

Friday tested me mentally. My watch would not turn on. My phone would not connect with my husbands car (which I was driving for the weekend) and a ton of other things happened all before 5am. Seriously if you are trying to test me taper, you are winning. After work I drop across Pennsylvania for my best friends shower. It took forever with traffic and I was exhausted.

My moms dog welcomed me...

Saturday I woke up early to get my miles in before the shower. I ran 4.5 miles in a humid swampy mess. Gosh it was awful even at 6am. I was happy to get the miles in though.

The Bridal Shower was beautiful. I'm so glad my best friend loved it and everyone had a good time. I can't lie, I was really not looking forward to getting dressed up. I haven't put on makeup since this eye thing started (yes, it's still a thing) and I didn't want to draw attention to it. Plus, I have put on weight from the medication and don't really feel like myself. Luckily, once everything started I felt a little more comfortable. This wasn't about me, it was about my best friend and I kept telling myself that.

That night I went out to dinner with some friends and it was so much fun. Just a nice low key evening at Social Still in Bethlehem. Amazing food and a fun vibe. Highly recommend!

Everything pretzel and cheese fondue!

Sunday I woke up early to get my last long run in. Eight miles never felt so good. I needed it. I can't believe this was my last Sunday run before the race!

Weekly Total: 22.4 Miles
April Total: 123 Miles
2017 Total: 466 Miles

Next week is race week! RACE WEEK IS HERE! My blog with be Pittsburgh Marathon themed this week so make sure you check back everyday for some fun stuff! I'm ready. I'm so ready!


  1. I can't believe race week is here. It came up so fast! I feel so unprepared, but I'm going to give it the best I can. You're gonna do amazing, Stef!

    1. You got this! You're running for an amazing cause and that will push you through for sure! See you Saturday!

  2. Woohoo! I can't believe it's already Pittsburgh marathon week. Best of luck to you as you wrap up training!

  3. Love the Kara quote and LOVE the dog photo--look at that face! Great weekend of fun and your final long run. You made through training injury free, and I know that must feel good. I will definitely look out for you on Sunday!