Friday, June 16, 2017

Five Things Friday - 6.16

Happy Friday! I can't believe we are half way through June already?! We are starting to get to the warmer weather, and with that means shorter races and toning back the average pace.

This week, I'm linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for this Five Things Friday. I want to share with you five non running related things that help me get through the summer.

1. Yeti Tumbler - This may seem very basic of me, but I am obsessed with my Yeti Tumbler. It really does keep beverages cold or warm. I also feel better knowing there is a lid on my beverages and bugs can't get in!

2. EOS Shave Cream - I just picked this up at Kohl's (impulse purchase by the register) and figured I would give it a shot. Wow! I have really dry skin, even in the summer, and this shave cream really has helped to keep my legs hydrated! It even smells really good and we all know that's a huge plus.

3. Popsicles - I guarantee you if you open my freezer any time in the summer, you will find popsicles. I love the refreshment of them, and they can keep you hydrated. Really, I don't need a reason, I love them!

4. Watermelon EVERYTHING!! - I love watermelon. It is my favorite fruit. Since watermelon is everywhere in the summer, I take full advantage! I am pretty much in love with watermelon like most people are with pumpkin. We usually buy a watermelon a week. I always have watermelon beer, and pretty much any watermelon flavored things you can think of will be in our house.

5. Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen - I do not leave the house without sunscreen. If I can prevent something bad from happening, I will. I have never had a problem with the Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen and don't plan on changing now. We always have at least two tubes in the cabinet at all times.

Let me know what summer things you can't survive without. I'm always looking for suggestions!


  1. Watermelon is a huge favorite. Popsicles are great for after a hot run. I use Nutrogena sunscreen on my face - its lighter than regular sunscreens.

  2. I love watermelon and popsicles, too! I've never heard of watermelon beer LOL I"m not a beer drinker, maybe a twist of watermelon will get me to enjoy it.

  3. Definitely time to restock the popsicles! Watermelon is so good right now

  4. This is my first time seeing the EOS shave cream - I'll definitely have to check it out!

  5. My husband has been wanting a yeti cup and cooler for a long time now I just can't see spending that much!! Watermelon is definitely a summer time staple! Thanks for linking up!

  6. That shave cream is my favorite! Trader Joe's makes one that's really similar as well :)