Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Training - Week Four

I'm in my second week of "training" and I have kinda forgot about fun things that happen in summer. You know, thunderstorms and humidity. I don't mind running in the warm, but I just don't trust a Pittsburgh down pour. This will be a theme of the week.

Monday and Tuesday ended up being rest days. I got home from work as the storm clouds were rolling in. I really wanted to get this track workout in but mother nature was not having it. I did get some fun mail on Monday! My new Senita Athletics Swift Shorts came! Guys, the under layer shorts have a grip on them! Total game changer! You can use my promo code runsteff for 10% off your order!

Wednesday I ran with the Mojo group. It was a toasty evening, but I felt really good. I ran 4.3 miles at a 8:57 pace. I wasn't the last person to finish which is showing how much I'm building back up. Plus on Wednesday I got the awesome news that I have been cleared from the eye doctor! My eye is healing well enough on its own that I only have to go back to the doctor if it starts to get bad again!!

Thursday you can cue the thunderstorms again. Another day of trying to do this track workout and another fail. I was starting to believe it was a curse.

Friday I texted Kelsey and I said we were doing the workout. We had planned on running later in the evening so we turned it in to a double.

Well, the rain showed up on the track workout. Like buckets on rain. Here is how the workout went:
1 mile warm up (8:50)
100m x 20 (22 21 23 22 24 21 23 20 23 23 23 22 24 21 23 22 23 23 21 21) Goal under 24
100m recovery
3.5 miles
I missed my cool down mile because of the storm.

We rested for a little bit, of course the rain stopped, then decided to head to the ProBikes Pub Run down in the city. We ran 4.5 more miles to round out the day.

Saturday I tried to do my long run but my legs were shot. I just wanted to be done for the week, but I needed to listen to my body. We went to my friend Dave's wedding later that night, which was so nice to see some people I haven't seen in years!

Sunday I woke up early to get my seven miles in. This was my longest run since the marathon six weeks ago. Did I plan on it taking this long to get back, nope, but I'm glad I have taken my time. I am focused on keeping my long runs between 9:45-10:00 pace, which I did and working on my hydration.

Weekly Total: 19.3 miles
June Total: 41.3 miles
2017 Total: 560 miles

We leave for vacation on Thursday!! I am so excited I could jump out of my skin! I have a ton of stuff to do before we leave, but I am looking forward to spending some time with my husband and celebrating my birthday!!! I will have some posts for you guys while I'm gone so I'm apologizing now if I don't get to respond to everyone!

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  1. The rain this week was crazy! I hope that it clears up after today. Great job getting back into the swing of things and nice work on the track!

    1. Thanks Sara! Gotta take summer running as it comes!

  2. So happy that you haven't had any more eye issues! There are no words for the weather this week, it was just brutal lol

    Enjoy your vacation! :)

    1. Thanks Kim. This crazy weather is only just starting!

  3. Love the new shorts! Rain, rain--a big storm every day! This month has been nuts with the rain! Have a blast on vacation and celebrating your birthday!