Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Training - Week Two

This week was my last "recovery" week. The last week I was giving myself to ease back in to running. I needed it. I knew I needed it. There was something about getting the rust knocked off and not jumping right back in to it that I knew had to happen.

Monday I had to work and by the time I got home I was exhausted. Plus, my hip was still really bothering me and I was getting a massage on Tuesday. I decided not to risk it and keep myself accountable. I wrote out an easy nine week training to keep myself focused. I also did a mild core workout. Just to get back in to it.

Tuesday was my massage and it was amazing! I got a pretty big knot worked out of my quad and my hip set straight. It was exactly what I needed.

Wednesday I got to test the hip out and run with the Wednesday night Mojo crew. While all of them are much faster than me, it really helped keep my focus. I ran five miles at a 9:15 pace. My hip was still a little off and I believe it's because my Freedoms are close to death. It's alright, they had a great life.

Thursday I did the crazy kettle bell workout again from last week. Dripping sweat! This doesn't get easier at all!

Friday I had a full day at work and then we went out on the North Shore for dinner. It was nice to get out and feel normal again. It's been such a long journey to feel "normal" again. I'm just grateful.

Saturday I met with my BRF Carrie and we ran five miles together. Carrie is recovery from a heart valve replacement and it was so nice to get out together and just spend time together. After we were done running we did a two mile walk for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. This is where Carrie had her surgery done and I am so happy I could support her! We had a blast and it was such a beautiful day!

Sunday I took the day off since hubs was home and we needed to clean the house. We got rid of a ton of stuff and finally watched Avatar. 

Weekly Total: 10 miles
May Total: 50 miles
2017 Total: 523 miles

Well, that's the last week of recovery. I'm starting back in to a training plan to keep my fitness going during this off season. I am excited and optimistic. I am ready to get back to it!

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  1. Good for you for taking the recovery you need. Recovery is so important! I got an email from Mojo about the Tuesday trail runs and was going to ask you how fast the runners are. Now I know there probably wouldn't be anyone running my pace, if they're not running yours!