Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 Brentwood Firecracker 5k Recap

This is the second time I ran the Brentwood Firecracker 5k. I'm not gonna lie, the last time I did this race I was in much better shape, but I really like this course. Since I ended up having the day off with my transition in jobs, I decided to run it. Kelsey, Jeff, Lauren and I all did.

Kelsey and I got to Brentwood a little early because parking would be an issue. As soon as the 9am 5k is over, the big 4th of July parade starts. Like people putting chairs out the night before. Also, read the 9am start time. Not our smartest idea. We met Lauren and Jeff and some of Jeff's friends before the race. By the time we headed to the start line, it was warm. I am regretting my decision to not run with my water bottle.

You can see the amount of people, point to point race

I knew Ambyr would be pacing the 8:00/mile group and I had decided I would at least run the first mile with them. I knew I wasn't ready to run that quick for the whole three miles, especially with the rolling hills of this course. I told her this before we started.

I forgot that the race starts with a cannon blast. Yes, I screamed but then we had to start running!

I was surprised how nice the pace felt for the first mile. It was really crowded, warm and sunny. Plus the lovely spectators let their children run on the course, throw those popping fireworks on the course and my favorite PEOPLE SMOKING WHILE SPECTATING A RACE! I'm sorry, that really bothers me.

Mile 1: 8:02

I lost the pacers not long after the one mile mark. It was crowded going up a hill and I didn't want to weave. I grabbed a cup of water and poured it on my head. I am once again regretting my decision to not bring my water bottle. I got to the turn around and not long after saw Lauren, Jeff and Kelsey. They were all running together and looked much better than I felt. Woof, 5k's.

Mile 2: 8:47

Mile three is where things slowed down. I needed water and I can't drink from the cup and run at the same time. I ran through a hose first which felt nice and then grabbed my water. I stopped real quick to drink it and then moved along. At one point towards the end of the mile I looked at my watch and could have sworn it said 30 minutes. I took a double take and realized it said 25. Oh, okay. I feel better.

Mile 3: 9:09

I strolled in to the finish just under 27 minutes. Considering the heat, the course and my severe lack of training, I'm quite proud of this. It is a really great starting point for building up my stamina and speed again.

Also, I would like to add at the after party I was a very good Pittsbugher. I had a bomb pop, a smiley cookie and a beer. I've got this down by now!

Below is the course map and elevation chart.

Did you run a July 4th race? How did it go?


  1. The Crafton 5k started at 8am, which helped us beat a lot of the heat - your time is great! Jessie & I walked & averaged a 13:52min/mile which we are SUPER proud of. I don't think I've ever walked so fast! Although, Crafton is hilly so I'm still pretty sore even 2 days later!

  2. Yay for beer at the finish! I didn't do a 4th of July race this year but I did one right before our trip! I'm counting that ;)