Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Presque Isle Half Marathon Recap

A few years ago I spectated the Presque Isle Half Marathon. I knew I would run it eventually. This year happened to be the year. I have talked openly about my struggles in distance running since the marathon/eye problems/coming off of medication and I knew I had to just get over it. What better way to do that but run a race.

We drove up to Erie that morning. Since it's only a two hour trip, we decided to save the money and drive up that morning. Hubs drove Crystal and I which was super nice of him. Crystal is running the Erie Marathon which is this same course twice, so she was going for time. We also met Mike who was going for some even splits. I was the just here to run the distance person. No time goal, just finish.

Mike, Me and Crystal

The race started at 6:45am and it wasn't too warm. Random stretches of the course were shaded, which included the start. Everything started on time and the amount of people still waiting to use the bathroom was ridiculous.  I skipped the line and peed in front of the car. No shame.

Alright, since the race is just a loop of Presque Isle, there really wasn't much to talk about. It's flat for the first six miles then a slight incline. The only thing I noticed is the road was slanted. My knee and hip were killing me within the first mile. I had a serious discussion with myself about dropping out before the first mile. It hurt so bad.

Instead, I just remembered I wasn't here for a time goal and decided to take my time.

To be honest, I can't tell you my splits because I didn't look at my watch for the first seven miles. I was exact at all the mile markers, which is a total first for me, and I didn't care what my pace was. I just wanted to run the distance. At mile seven I noticed my energy draining quickly. Going from out in the sun to the shade so randomly, I was done. I thought to myself how much these last miles would suck - and guess what, they did. It took forever. I decided to walk the water stops just to give myself a break. My knee still hurt and my legs felt so heavy.

I remember I got to mile ten and it said 1:36. I had a nice talk with myself how I can usually do this at least ten minutes faster in a half, but it was humbling. Humbling that I am building myself back up and that I have a starting point for all of this.

Around mile 11.4 I texted my husband to tell him I was alright but slow. At the same time I got a text from Kelsey. I took a picture of my watch and sent it to her. She reassured me I was doing great and I started running again. From what I heard, mile 11 was rough for a lot of people.

I got to mile 12 and Crystal was doing her cool down. Guys, this girl had a three minute PR! I'm so proud of her. She ran her cool down with me and it helped the time go back faster. I made her cut off well before the timing mat just to make sure. I saw my husband and Mike. Mike and I exchanged a too sweet (Wrestling thing) and I smiled my way to the finish line just under 2:10.


I need to commend the race director for a second. There were 11 water stops on the course. Everyone was very nice and the after party was great. People are having a big problem that there were no medals but what looked like a license plate. I paid $35 for the race so I really can't complain. Plus, it was a new award for me so that's fun. Really, I didn't mind it. I finished my 24th half marathon and that's all that mattered to me.

Just another thing to add to the collection!

I understand why people like this race. It is super flat and like I said well staffed. Would I run it again? Nope. That slant of the road wrecked me and that is something I don't want to feel again.

Below is the elevation chart and course map for this race.


  1. You did awesome just getting out there!!!

  2. Very inspirational blog, I recommend it for everyone who is starting to get involved in running. Congratulations!

  3. I’m glad that you decided to get out there and run the marathon. You should be really proud of yourself for not quitting and making it to the finish line.