Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Training - Week Ten

Wow. It's already the end of July! This summer is flying by for sure. This week was overall pretty good. I had one bad day that almost derailed everything. I'll get in to that shortly.

Monday we thankfully had a break in the humidity so I took off after work for three easy miles through my neighborhood. It's amazing how much easier things are when it doesn't feel like your swimming. I also did a strength workout after I was done.

Tuesday I hit the track for an awesome workout. Here is how it broke down.
1 mile warm up
6 x 400m (1:48 1:52 1:49 1:46 1:44 1:44) Goal 1:48
400m recovery
1 mile cool down
5 miles total

This was such a great workout! I knew after that first 400m it would be, but I thought it may not have been smart to do this the week of a mile race. To be honest, I would have rather had this good workout than a great mile time. This is better for the long run of marathon training.

Wednesday I went to the Pro Bikes + Run East End beer run with hubs, Kelsey and we met up with Jason. It was fun! A nice easy four mile run through the east end that ended in beer and pizza. Can't get any better than that!

Thursday I was going to wake up early and bike for 30 minutes, but I was tired. Really tired. I decided to skip the early morning and do my strength workout when I got home. It was the right decision for sure.

Friday was the Liberty Mile. I will recap this later in the week, but it was not the race I had hoped for. 

Saturday I took a rest day. I was having a bad mental day after the mile. It felt like a huge step backwards. I really needed the mental reset. I have to stay focused on the long term goal of a sub-4 marathon.

Sunday morning hubs and I headed out to get our long runs in. His was four miles and mine was six. I had such a great run! I negative split the six miles (not on purpose) and just felt good. Maybe I am becoming a longer distance runner in my 30s?

Weekly Totals: 19 miles
July Totals: 75.8 miles
2017 Totals: 649 miles

Minus the mile, I had a really good week. My body feels really good, my mind is alright and I'm really enjoying this weather. August looks to be a great month for me!

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  1. I'm right there with you on Monday's run - the cooler temps were amazing!!

    I'm sorry that the race didn't go as you expected :( That's great that you were able to take the next day off and re-focus!

    1. This morning felt amazing! I wish I would have woken up early and ran!

  2. Overall great week! Sorry it wasn't a good race for you, but you're right to keep your focus on your big marathon goal.

  3. Great job this week even though you had a disappointing run at the liberty mile. Looks like you are back in the groove and will be ready for marathon training!

    The weather this past week was amazing.....couldn't that just stay around for the rest of the summer?

  4. Wow, i am so inspired with your summer run tips thank you for guiding us with the body shaping techniques. Update more of these tips.