Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tunes Tuesday - 7.18

Welcome to the Tunes Tuesday link up. I co host this link up with Kim from KookyRunner and Janelle from Run With No Regrets. If you are new to the link up all of the information can be found here. We hope that you will join us!

Don't forget! We are changing the format of the link up. Kim, Janelle and I decided that we will be changing Tunes Tuesday to a one a month link up instead of weekly. The first Tuesday of every month we will have a topic (which we should have all figured out for the rest of 2017 by next week and I will have posted at the top of my blog). We have some really fun ideas that we hope you all will love!

Third Tuesday is pump up jams. I'm dancing as I'm writing this. There are so many great song I'm loving on my playlist that just pump me up. It's painful to pick just two! I really wanted to make them good. Let's go with "Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah "Can't Hold Us" from Macklemore.

If you like these pump up jams, check out some of the others I have shared.


So spill it, what are your current pump up jams? Join the Tunes Tuesday link up and let us know!


  1. Great picks! I actually never heard Written In the Stars before but I really like it! Can't Hold Us is always a winner :)

  2. Can't Hold Us is one of my all time faves. But you can't listen to it at the wrong time during a race or you'll run too fast... ;)

    1. So true! It's such a great pump up jam!