Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer Training - Week 12

This week was different because I was going out of town for the weekend. I had to get all of my workouts done by Thursday. Let's also add in some allergy issues and it really made for some fun.

Monday I had four easy miles around my neighborhood. There's a story here about a flock of turkey and a lady trying to warn them to stay out of her yard. Yep, this happened.

Tuesday I had a super tough track workout.
1 mile warm up
200-400-1000 x3 Goal paces - :54 1:48 4:31
(:52 1:42 4:38)(:51 1:44 4:40)(:47 1:47 4:40)
recovery in between
1 mile cool down
7.5 miles total

I was really proud of how consistent I was for this workout, even though I didn't hit my 1000m splits. This workout wrecked me. I was so drained and my allergies were really starting to bother me.

Wednesday I knew I needed to skip my run. My legs did not have it and I felt just bad. So, I did some strength work and headstands.

Thursday after work I had to do my long run. I was really congested and just took it slow. I did my eight miles and as soon as my heart rate lowered back down I was shivering. I did not need this at all!

I was not going to let feeling terrible ruin my weekend. It was my best friends wedding weekend! I did my bridesmaid duties and got to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people. It was awesome.

Weekly Total: 19.5 miles
August Total: 35.6 miles
2017 Total: 689 miles

Back  to the normal routine this coming week. I'm very happy about that. I am hoping I start feeling better soon and can really start to focus. Marathon training starts in a few short weeks!

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