Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tips to Getting Out of a Running Rut

Hands up if you have been in a total running rut. Right here friends. For me, I usually get in a running rut after I accomplish something. Maybe it would be finishing a goal race or coming back from a sickness or injury. Life happens people, we do not get paid to do this - but if this is something that you want to do for fun, you need to know how to make it fun again. Here are a few tips that have helped me break out of my running rut.


1. Buy Something - If I spend money on something, it's a big deal. So if I am in a running rut, I'll buy some new running gear. Maybe a pair of socks or some sports bras. Something that will encourage me to get out there and use them.

It's the little things that make me happy!

2. Sign Up For A Race - I know if I am focused on a task, my mind will get in the zone to accomplish that task. If I commit to a race, I am going to train for it and make sure I cross that start and finish line. It can be a 5k or a marathon, just a commitment.

3. Join a Group - If you are a runner and on Facebook, you can find a group run. I know I get the invitational all the time from a ton of local running stores. Heck, reach out to a local runner you follow on Instagram. You never know who is also looking for that little bit of extra motivation.

This run happened because of an Instagram message!

4. Work With a Coach - People are running coaches for a reason. They have seen it all. When I was having a really hard time getting motivated this summer I reached out to Kristen. She was going to be doing my training plan for Disney but then suggested her Elite Running Academy. It was six weeks and I would start marathon training right after. It was exactly what I needed and kicked the running rut for sure.

<3 <3 <3

5. Let Yourself Be Inspired - A lot of people talk about how rough social media can be. People comparing themselves and not thinking they are worth it. Guess what, if you lace up your shoes and take some steps forward, I am inspired by you. Seeing people who are overcoming the odds make me so much more motivated to show what all I can do. Please keep sharing your journey and do not let anyone stop you!

You never know what friends you will meet!

Hopefully some of these tips will help you if you are struggling with your running rut. Just know you are not alone. We have all been there. Just keep in mind that if you have done it once, you can do it again!

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What is your favorite way to break out of a running rut?


  1. This summer has been hard running wise for me. I am trying to find my mojo again. buying some new running gear and running with friends helps me quite a bit

  2. It's so easy to get in a running rut. I was definitely in a rut at the end of last year after running the marathon and then getting placed in a boot a week later, lol. It was humbling thats for sure. What helped me was signing up for a race and getting back into a training routine.

  3. Great tips, Steff. Motivation comes and goes sometimes for me when it comes to running. Getting in a rut is natural, but you've listed some great ways to get out of the funk!

  4. Like you, new running gear works like magic ;-) I don't know if I've ever been in a rut, though I'm currently in the midst of recovering from surgery, so I'm "banned" from running for a while...but I'm able to walk and do plenty of other things to keep my fitness fixes happening

  5. Super running rut over here. I'm just glad to be running a mile (almost) every day. But - any more than that? I just can't in this heat. Tell me I'll feel better once fall hits? :( I need my running mojo to come back.