Monday, September 11, 2017

Disney Marathon Training - Week One

Well, it's here! A new training cycle has started up once again! I will be training for the Disney Marathon for the next 18 weeks. I am training to PR the marathon. That is the goal. Since I was only a minute off of my PR in Pittsburgh, I know this is the right time to go after it.

Monday I did a strength workout with a hip circuit. I am focusing a lot on hip recovery in this training, for good reason. I'm so glad I did the Elite Running Academy so the strength days are not as shocking to the system.

Tuesday is track day. It should be track day for the next 18 weeks. The normal track I go to was hosting an event so I had to go to a different one. Guys, I'm not kidding there were people ROLLER BLADING on the track. I was so mad.

1 mile warm up
400m x 8 (Goal pace 1:53 - 1:48 1:53 1:46 1:50 1:50 1:52 1:45 1:44)
1 mile cool down
Six miles total

I couldn't find 1:53. I knew I was quick but I tried so hard to find it. It's alright. I am proud of at least being under goal pace and finishing with my quickest splits.

Wednesday morning I ran three miles through my neighborhood. This was my first 5am run ever so that was fun! I scared a deer and in return it scared me. I ran out of time to do my strength workout before work, so I did it as soon as I got home. Do what you can when you can, am I right?

Thursday I was suppose to do a tempo run, but we got treated to a thunderstorm. Instead, I did some yoga to switch things up. 30 minutes of Runners Yoga got some real good stretching in. I felt great!

Friday I met Kelsey and Charles and we ran down on the North Shore for our dinner. Six miles total that were nice and easy. I ended up not doing my tempo work this week, which is fine. I have a few more weeks to make that up.

Saturday I had another strength/hip circuit day. I don't have a lot of gym equipment at home and I needed to do inverted rows. Thank goodness for YouTube and showing me some hacks!

Later in the morning I met Sara, Ciara and Maddie for brunch at Spirit in Lawrenceville. Guys, it's amazing! Such a fun place with great food and drinks! Plus, the company was great.

Sunday I met Ashley to do my long run. I had eight miles on tap and she had six. I also needed to do my Gone For A Run Run 5k Wine Later Virtual Run. So, we ran five miles together and then I did my 5k. I also noticed I was .1 short of 23 miles for the week, so of course I had to finish. I will recap my Run 5k  Wine Later Virtual Run later this week, but I had a super solid long run. A little quicker than I should have been, but it was conversation pace so there's that.

Weekly Total: 23 Miles
September Total: 43 Miles
2017 Total: 768 Miles

I am very happy with how the first week of training went. The first few weeks are about getting in a routine. Marathon training takes a lot, but this will be my seventh one. I'm ready!!

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  1. Great first week of training! You are going to be so strong by the end of this cycle. I give you a lot of credit for still running around North Park. 10 miles this past week was my fill for the year lol.

    1. I do 90% of my long runs there. I did my 20 for Pittsburgh out there and things worked well lol

  2. wonderful post..
    great going.. keep it rocking up !

  3. I love the start of a new training cycle - it's always so exciting!! Congrats on a great first week :)

    I cannot believe that people were roller blading on the track - what the hell?!

    1. I couldn't even do my cool down on the track. I was so mad!

  4. Woot! First week of marathon training--the most exciting time of year! 😀